the man who could not say sorry for his sins

Written by malcolm james pugh

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they are yesterdays forgotten, though daily they still mount, no thought of resignation, no apology to those left behind, just onward withrepparttar ego, fast forward from those times, as if nothing ever happened, as if your lies are quite ok, as if now is what to focus on, and then was another day, lost back inrepparttar 138876 mists of time, obscured by clouds half seen not an affront torepparttar 138877 living, not impeachable and obscene, you may want to move on now, and ignore your past infamy, but you should be tried for treason, and jailed for blasphemy

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Domestic Violence: The Fact Behind The Myths

Written by Scott Shaper

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"Alcohol drug abuse, stress, and mental illness cause domestic violence"

     This is not true, but is commonly used as an excuse from abusers who try to pardon their actions, and unfortunately their victims buy into this. Alcohol use, drug use, and stress do not cause domestic violence; they may go along with domestic violence, but they do not causerepparttar violence itself.

"Domestic Violence is a personal problem between a husband and wife"

     Domestic violence goes way beyond justrepparttar 138706 two immediate people involved. Look into a child's face that sees this violence everyday. Then go visit that child about 10 to 15 years later and see what they have become. If they are male, they will most likely become domestic abusers themselves. If they are female they will most likely become domestic victims themselves. Why? Learned behavior; this was their environment growing up, and to them, this is just acceptable behavior that people do. It takes a very strong person to come out of that type of environment and not have it become part of their adult lives. A child who lives with domestic violence will never forget it.

"If it were that bad, she would just leave."

     Leaving a domestic violence situation is not so easy. Many times children are involved andrepparttar 138707 victim may not have any financial means of supporting themselves. Not only that, but they may fear that they will be killed if they leave. As strange as it may sound, some have a real psychological bond with their abuser, and just won't leave. I have had many instances were we arrested an abuser andrepparttar 138708 next morning his victim is begging us to release him and recanting her story. This is one ofrepparttar 138709 reasons whyrepparttar 138710 law has changed in many states. Now it isrepparttar 138711 state notrepparttar 138712 victim, who prosecutesrepparttar 138713 domestic abuser.

"I can change him."

     This thought isrepparttar 138714 worst. For anyone who thinks this, readrepparttar 138715 following carefully NO YOU CAN'T! I have heard this so many times, all from victims who are beaten time and time again. Domestic violence is way too complex for any one person to handle, or fix. You have to either escape it, or have some sort of professional intervention. I would highly recommend escaping it. I have yet to see anyone who has stated this, ever change their abuser.

     In closing I want to make one point clear. Even though in this article I referred to males as beingrepparttar 138716 abusers. Females can be abusers also; it is just not as common. In my book "Crime Awareness 101" I go much deeper into domestic violence. I addressrepparttar 138717 law,repparttar 138718 cycle of violence, and some domestic violence traits to look out for early on which should raise a red flag. I also list numerous resources of agencies that are devoted to helping victims of domestic violence. I also cover many other crimes and crime related topics, for more information, or for more articles on criminal behavior go to

Scott Shaper is a former Police Officer and the author of "Crime Awareness 101." For more information about his book, or more articles on crime related matters please go to

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