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Backordering Your Domain Names

Written by Dr. Peter Liu

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4) Enom.com. Enom.com is an ICANN accredited registrar. I am not sure if they work with any other registrar(s). The minimal bid is $30. The features associated withrepparttar backordering look great. However, I personally do not have an experience withrepparttar 108229 service. But it does look nice after I look around inside an account.

5) GoDaddy.com. Godday.com is an ICANN accredited registrar. I guess they do not work with other registrars. This is one of those backordering services that do not placerepparttar 108230 domain name on auction. They charge an $18.95 flat for a backorder. The price looks great, but do not get excited too early. Three things will cool you down. A. Chances are they do not work with other registrars. So it’s not easy for them to getrepparttar 108231 domain name for you. B. For a good domain name, you can not even have a chance to placerepparttar 108232 backorder. C. No matter they winrepparttar 108233 domain name for you or not, you pay up frontrepparttar 108234 fee and there is no refund. Forrepparttar 108235 price you pay, if they fail to getrepparttar 108236 domain name for you, they monitorrepparttar 108237 domain name or you can place another backorder, which is not friendly to most people. It seems godaddy.com makes some money out ofrepparttar 108238 process ratherrepparttar 108239 result. People need to exercise caution when considering using them. One trap is their “invest edge” service, which charges a monthly fee. This service allows you to place bulk backorders at a real low price. It sounds great to those who backorder a lot of domain names such as a professional domain player. But it's really not much of service that you can use. By trap, I mean that A) you can barely find any good domain name to order. Many good domain names may be backordered by others. Remember they only accept one backorder for one domain name. B. Godaddy.com will keep chargingrepparttar 108240 monthly forrepparttar 108241 service even though you orderrepparttar 108242 service just for one month. After you placerepparttar 108243 order forrepparttar 108244 invest edge service, they may send you an email saying that you need to cancelrepparttar 108245 service while in reality you do not orderrepparttar 108246 service for more than one month. Be fearful for such a tactics. I personally do not recommend any of service at godaddy.com because of this.

When you consider a backordering service,repparttar 108247 integrity isrepparttar 108248 key. This is particularly important when you backorder a first grade domain name that might be worth tens of thousands of dollars. How can you be sure that they will give such as domain name to you and not keep it for themselves? Who is most reliable and trustworthy can be everyone’s guess.

Among allrepparttar 108249 services I know, snapnames.com isrepparttar 108250 one I trusted most although they could not get you every domain name you want. They seem doing a fair business in any aspect you can imagine. I would recommend snapnames.com to those who seriously want to backorder a domain name! (Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with snapnames.com)

Written by Dr. Peter Liu, who is running http://www.DomainManual.com. Feel free to use the article as long as you use it in its entiety including the author information. If you want to contact the author, please write tp domainmanual.com @ gmail.com

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