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Who said low carb diets ever meant no carb??

Written by S.A. Smith

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them into fine powders that are easier to handle, store, preserve, and use inrepparttar manufacturing process. The unintended consequence of this refining process is that it makes it much easier for your body to absorbrepparttar 113117 carbohydrate glycogen energy from these foods, and creates large spikes in blood glucose levels. This in turn puts additional strain and stress on your body’s internal processes as they try to compensate for these glucose spikes, and inrepparttar 113118 process tells you body to storerepparttar 113119 energy as additional fat! In general, carbohydrates that are consumed in their natural state take longer to breakdown in your body, andrepparttar 113120 glucose release is dampened, leading to lower overall blood glucose levels.

The success of low carb diets lies more inrepparttar 113121 fact that it forces you to eliminate most refined carbohydrates, to eat foods in their natural state, and eat foods that have a low caloric density, which ultimately forces you to consume less calories!

If you’d like more ideas on how to incorporate delicious low carb foods into your lifestyle you can searchrepparttar 113122 recipe database at: http://www.mylowcarbdietrecipes.com/myrecipes.asp

S.A. Smith is a freelance writer, correspondent, and contributing editor of My Low Carb Diet Recipes resource site and can be reached at http://www.mylowcarbdietrecipes.com

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