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Written by Stephen Hill

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I now believe that stuttering is a physcological as well as a physical problem. As hynotherapy only really deals withrepparttar physcological issues I am now not sure if it could have offered merepparttar 149972 complete answer.

The other treatments people who have a stutter try are speech courses. These courses are either on a group basis or on a one to one basis. With each of these courses,repparttar 149973 person who attendsrepparttar 149974 course is required to practicerepparttar 149975 techniques to make them a natural part of their speech.

Confidence courses are another form of treatment for stuttering. In my opinion these are of value, however do not coverrepparttar 149976 physical aspects of how to eradicate a stutter.


Stephen Hill has overcome a stutter which had affected his life for eighteen years. He now runs one to one speech courses. He has a couple of websites at and at

Fitness Fun!

Written by Richard Moore

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Activity Boost Level: Moderate

Sing Hallelujah Believe it or not, a rousing sing song can give you a decent workout just make sure you belt it out at full volume.

Have a Tinkle If you're musically minded, playingrepparttar piano is good for toning those muscles choose something energetic like rag-time or a dramatic classical piece to really feelrepparttar 149963 benefits.

Do a Delia Have a dinner party for six people or more. All that furious cooking chopping and grating will really give you a rush! Have a look at our recipe section for inspiration.

Get Underrepparttar 149964 Hood If you're handy with a screwdriver, mending your car gives your day a bit of extra activity - especially if making heavy repairs.

Milk a Cow Milking by hand can really get your heart pumping. Slight snag first find your cow.

Activity Boost Level: High

Do It Yourself Both woodwork and plumbing will give you a decent activity boost now there's a handy way to lose weight and check things of your "to do" list too!

Child's Play Young kids never seem to sit still. Take a leaf out of their book and go play; it's not just great for family bonding, you'll also feelrepparttar 149965 burn after a bit! Try a half hour game of energetic soccer or some backyard gymnastics.

Disco Diva Put on your sparkly skirt and head forrepparttar 149966 dance floor a good half hour boogie will tone your whole body.

Move House Ifrepparttar 149967 prospect of changing homes is getting you down, be cheered byrepparttar 149968 fact that shifting and carrying furniture is quite a strenuous workout. So get packing!

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