staffordshire bull terriers

Written by Donal Keenan

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The Staffordshire bull terrier is very affectionate, courageous and obedient. They are very friendly to all types of people. It knows to love everyone and is loved by everyone. A bull terrier in a family makesrepparttar family happy and adorable. The dog is extremely intelligent and stubborn but needs a persistent and continual process of training. Their potentiality allures them to jump off a deck, challenge others and walk through broken glass. The Staffordshire bull terriers are an adorable variety; therefore, loves both work and play.

There are certain physical features that prove disadvantageous forrepparttar 135331 dog. Ifrepparttar 135332 dog has pink nose, light eyes or pink eye rims then its notrepparttar 135333 perfect one of its species. Moreover, it should not also have a too long or badly curled tail. It is also rejected as a good species if it lacks agility coupled with activeness.

The origin ofrepparttar 135334 Staffordshire bull terrier is from regions of Staffordshire. It first involved for its interest in bull baiting but graduallyrepparttar 135335 breedís popularity suffered a setback forrepparttar 135336 waning ofrepparttar 135337 sport. Now it is again regaining its immense popularity as a successful pet and a potential dog.

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Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom

Written by Paul Siegel

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> Stokerepparttar 4 Flames of Freedom locally

> Fanrepparttar 126063 4 flames of freedom throughoutrepparttar 126064 Globe

Stokerepparttar 126065 4 Flames of Freedom

There are those who say we must sacrifice some of our freedoms to fight these terrorists. I say, if we do thisrepparttar 126066 terrorists will have won. Instead of reducing our freedoms, we should nourish them. Instead of snuffing ou trepparttar 126067 4 flames of freedom, let us light them brighter. Stoke them and make them stronger:

1 - FREE SPEECH - You need to give up some privacy, some say. We need freer use of wiretaps, others say. In a war there must be a limit to free speech. My reply: If you limit free speech, what isrepparttar 126068 purpose ofrepparttar 126069 figh t? You do not fight by surrenderingrepparttar 126070 most cherished freedom. Not only must we keep free speech alive, we must make it stronger.

2 - FREE RELIGION - Some say, let us use religious and ethnic profiling to keep tabs on possible terrorists. Others, even now, are attacking Muslims. We must fightrepparttar 126071 terrorists by allowing everyone to practice his own religion or lack of religion. We must not smother one of our strengths and thereby helprepparttar 126072 terrorists in their fight against us.

3 - SELF GOVERNMENT - In times of crisis, political leaders tend to be more secretive, more authoritarian, less open to criticism, less democratic. We must avoid these misdirected approaches. If anything, we must be mor e open and inclusive, more eager for discussion, understanding and resolution of problems.

4 - INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY - Make sure there is opportunity for everyone. This is tough inrepparttar 126073 current bad economic situation. The airlines are getting a helping hand from government. How aboutrepparttar 126074 people who have lost their jobs? Perhaps this is a good time to rebuildrepparttar 126075 infrastructure - public buildings, roads, utilities, bridges, schools,repparttar 126076 environment - to supply work to those who need it.

Fanrepparttar 126077 4 Flames of Freedom Throughoutrepparttar 126078 World

Not onlyrepparttar 126079 U.S., but all freedom-loving countries are under attack byrepparttar 126080 terrorists. An excellent strategy for winning this fight is to increaserepparttar 126081 number of countries on our side. In other words, let us do what we ca n to bring as many countries intorepparttar 126082 freedom-loving part ofrepparttar 126083 world. We know how to do this and we should do it -repparttar 126084 freedom way, notrepparttar 126085 military way:

1 - FREE SPEECH - We take free speech for granted. But there are many places aroundrepparttar 126086 Globe where people know only what authorities allow them to know. In an age where we have so many sophisticated means for spreading news and information, this situation is outrageous. Our antagonists spread propaganda. We must spread true information. Information will beat propaganda every time.

2 - FREE RELIGION - We believe in this. But why keep this freedom to ourselves? Through our actions, throughrepparttar 126087 media, through diplomacy, through business contacts, and through any other means, let us showrepparttar 126088 world th e value of religious liberty.

3 - SELF GOVERNMENT - Democracy has been making inroads in many countries beforerepparttar 126089 attack occurred. Let us not let up in fanning this flame. Let us try in every way possible to bring about democratic changes everywher e.

4 - INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY - Here is where business people can contributerepparttar 126090 most. Instead of focusing on business opportunities inrepparttar 126091 U.S. and other rich countries, we must search for opportunities in poor countries. True, citizens of rich countries have more money to spend. But they are getting tired of pursuing repparttar 126092 latest "new thing." Poor countries represent an untapped market. Help them get on their feet and they will become loyal customers. And you will help fanrepparttar 126093 flame of individual opportunity, and thus, help winrepparttar 126094 fight against terrorism.

Paul -the soarING- Siegel is a provocative Internet speaker and author of HELPFULNESS MARKETNG, an ebook stressing learning, cooperation and community. Learn about it at Subscribe to newsletter, LearningFOUNT, by sending blank email to:

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