rm Seafood Restaurant at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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The third course is Rainbow Trout accompanied by braised artichokes, apple wood-smoked bacon, oven-roasted tomato, aged balsamic and black truffle. All these exotic ingredients may sound busy, butrepparttar flavors blend well withrepparttar 105392 light flavor of fresh trout.

While I'm tasting and photographingrepparttar 105393 artistically presented dishes, my husband's entrée arrives. He's pickedrepparttar 105394 grilled wild Salmon. Braised leeks fan out fromrepparttar 105395 salmon. All is drizzled with a Manila clam vinaigrette.

Rick Moonen has a passion for ocean conservation andrepparttar 105396 sea, which he calls "our last wild frontier," but he won't serve any seafood that's farm-raised. His is a strong belief that our favorite seafoods must be eco-managed in such a way that natural seafood populations continue to be sustainable. In his New York restaurant, concerned aboutrepparttar 105397 dangers of over-fishing, he took Chilean Sea Bass off his menu atrepparttar 105398 height of its popularity. Moonen has testified several times for environmental and sustainable policy issues in Washington, DC and New York. As a founding member ofrepparttar 105399 Chef's Coalition, he brought together 2,000 chefs nationwide to fight forrepparttar 105400 purity of food. He is a founding member ofrepparttar 105401 Seafood Choices Alliances and an active member ofrepparttar 105402 Wildlife Conservation Society, Seaweb, and a chef's advisory board member of Ecofish. He has also served as a spokesperson for American caviar, an environmentally sound alternative torepparttar 105403 Caspian Sea varieties.

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rm seafood Mandalay Place 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119 702/632-9300 www.rmseafood.com Reservations recommended.

By Carolyn Proctor, Las Vegas Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

By Carolyn Proctor, Las Vegas Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo.

Modifying Your Recipes, More or Less

Written by Deirdre Jones

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Remember,repparttar size of your baking pans must be reduced also. The pans should measure about halfrepparttar 105390 area of those forrepparttar 105391 whole recipe. Oven temperatures won't change. However, approximate baking time will berepparttar 105392 same or maybe slightly less ifrepparttar 105393 proportions ofrepparttar 105394 pan are different.

Increasing Recipes to double a recipe...

When doubling a recipe, you do just that - double it!

You'll use exactly twicerepparttar 105395 amount of each ingredient. And you'll need to add an extra minute of beating for cakes.

Remember, when doubling recipes, you only addrepparttar 105396 top numbers ofrepparttar 105397 fraction. For example, 2/3 cup plus 2/3 cup equals 4/3 cup. If you're good with numbers, then you can convert this to 1 and 1/3 cup.

However, if you're terrified of fractions like a lot of people, simply use a 1/3 measuring cup and measure out your ingredients until you have filled your 1/3 measuring cup 4 times and added torepparttar 105398 recipe.

You will need to use twice as many pans ofrepparttar 105399 same size indicated forrepparttar 105400 original recipe or a pan double in area. The batter should berepparttar 105401 same depth inrepparttar 105402 pans so thatrepparttar 105403 same baking time and temperature may be used.

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