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which contained zero, 500, 700 or 1,000 milligrams of Salacia oblonga extract. Afterward,repparttar researchers usedrepparttar 149995 finger-prick method to draw blood samples from each person every 15 to 30 minutes for three hours. These blood samples were used to determine insulin and blood glucose concentrations. The biggest changes in blood glucose and insulin levels usually happen withinrepparttar 149996 first two hours after eating. : : The beverage that containedrepparttar 149997 highest concentration ofrepparttar 149998 herbal extract - 1,000 milligrams - providedrepparttar 149999 most dramatic reduction in insulin and blood glucose levels. Insulin levels were 29 percent lower, while blood glucose levels were 23 percent lower as compared torepparttar 150000 control drink, which contained no herbal extract. : : As Salacia oblonga can cause intestinal gas,repparttar 150001 researchers hadrepparttar 150002 study participants collect breath hydrogen samples hourly for eight hours after drinkingrepparttar 150003 test beverage. The participants collected their breath in small plastic tubes. The researchers then analyzed these breath samples for hydrogen and methane content -repparttar 150004 level of either substance inrepparttar 150005 breath corresponds torepparttar 150006 level contained inrepparttar 150007 colon. : : The subjects also ratedrepparttar 150008 frequency and intensity of nausea, abdominal cramping and distention and gas for two days after consuming each test meal. : : Whilerepparttar 150009 test beverages containing Salacia oblonga caused an increase in breath hydrogen excretion, reports of gastrointestinal discomfort were minimal, Hertzler said. : : Right now he and his colleagues are trying to figure out what dose ofrepparttar 150010 herb is most effective, and when it should be taken relative to a meal. : : "We want to know how long it takes forrepparttar 150011 herb to bind torepparttar 150012 enzymes that break down carbohydrates," Hertzler said. "The participants in this study tookrepparttar 150013 herb with their meal, but maybe taking it before eating would be even more effective." : : The researchers also want to studyrepparttar 150014 effects of Salacia oblonga in people with diabetes. : : "A lot of studies show that lowering blood sugar levels reducesrepparttar 150015 risk for all kinds of diabetes-related complications, such as kidney disease and nerve and eye damage," Hertzler said. "We want to see if this herb has this kind of effect." : : Salacia oblonga is still relatively difficult to find inrepparttar 150016 United States, Hertzler said, although there are manufacturers that sellrepparttar 150017 herb throughrepparttar 150018 Internet. : : This study was supported byrepparttar 150019 Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories in Columbus. : : Hertzler is continuing to conduct Salacia oblonga studies withrepparttar 150020 Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories. He has no links torepparttar 150021 company beyond this affiliation. : : Hertzler conductedrepparttar 150022 work with former Ohio State colleague Patricia Heacock, who is now at Rutgers,repparttar 150023 State University of New Jersey; Jennifer Williams, a clinical scientist with Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories; and Bryan Wolf, a former research scientists with Ross Products Division


The Importance of Business Goals

Written by Martin Haworth

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W stands for ‘What’ and ‘When’

Check outrepparttar ideas from above and choose five ‘quick wins’ and five longer term projects.

Make a decision to dorepparttar 149978 five quick wins within one week, starting today (you might be surprised to find you do them all today!). Then when finished do five more till all are completed (mind you, once you get intorepparttar 149979 swing of it, you’ll start uncovering a lot more!).

Forrepparttar 149980 longer term ideas to achieve your goals, a sense check is important first. Will action (rememberrepparttar 149981 ‘A’ in SMART) on this idea, deliverrepparttar 149982 outcome you really want towards your goal – or is it a nice to do, or even off track. For either of these be ruthless and ditchrepparttar 149983 ones that are off track. Get five focused ideas in place ready for Action.

Create a timeline from your goal and working back from there, decided milestones on each of your five key ideas. Use say quarterly, monthly, or weekly reviews. Be decisive and flexible asrepparttar 149984 actions will go at different speeds. In some sort of visual planner, record where you will be with each one of your actions towards your goal atrepparttar 149985 regular reviews you have. Some people prefer to have weekly ‘action steps’ in each project – even daily.

The key is to be able to say., ‘This week (Tuesday is my best day), I will visit three new potential customers, as a step towards visiting 50 this year’. Put it in your diary, Outlook or whatever as if it is an appointment with yourself. Ring-fence that time asrepparttar 149986 most important thing you are going to do and it cannot be shifted. You will need to be disciplined – if you are, it will work.

The key here is to create actionable steps in bite-sized chunks which you believe you can do.

As someone once said (with apologies to elephant lovers), ‘You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time!’

…and finally

Remember that in life and business, you personally haverepparttar 149987 choices to make. No-one else. It is your responsibility how you act and challenge yourself. Takerepparttar 149988 responsibility and give it a go. Life is not a dress rehearsal – Grasprepparttar 149989 opportunities you have today and every day.

Further reading onrepparttar 149990 GROW model (should be available from libraries)"Coaching for Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose", Sir John Witmore.

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