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Written by Jaison Thomas

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of 128mb,256mb,512mb,DKU 5 cables,Handsfree for all types of Mobile Phones DKU 2 cables by way of e-commerce. We are mostly concentrated inrepparttar Indian Sub Continent Now. Our products satisfies allrepparttar 107960 necessary Quality certification such as ISO 9001-2000.We are fully dependent torepparttar 107961 satisfaction of our customers. engaged in the Distribution & Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories such as Irda adaptor Small Type


Written by Fasih Hasan

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It has been a long time since I am reading stories about Internet chatting. Specially every Sunday in weekly SUNDAY MAGAZINE of Daily Jang, there is a page for these kinds of stories. Every week almost 3 to 5 stories are published continuously. And interesting thing is that majority of them have unique theme. Some tell about their tragedies, some tell about their love, some tell aboutrepparttar experience of making fun with friends, some tell aboutrepparttar 107959 experience of making new friends and losing friends, some try to betray and deceiverepparttar 107960 others but are trapped themselves. The biggest disadvantage of chatting, in my opinion isrepparttar 107961 wastage of time. And majority of users do chatting for just pastime or cheating others. Pakistani government is trying to minimizerepparttar 107962 wrong usage ofrepparttar 107963 Internet technology including chatting and browsing but it seems that it is impossible to do that. Our majority youth has wedged in these kinds of wastages. Our youth have to realize thatrepparttar 107964 future belongs to us. If we get engaged ourselves in these sorts of aimless things then what will berepparttar 107965 future of PAKISTAN? May God bless Pakistan and Pakistani nation especiallyrepparttar 107966 youths!!!! Name: Fasih Hasan Student of: BS(Software Engineering) IInd Semester (KARACHI UNIVERSITY) Contact Number: 0300-9218405

Fasih Hasan BS(Software Engineering) IInd Semester (KU) Contact Number: 0300-9218405

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