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LiveCamNetwork.com Nominated For Best Adult Award

Written by Greg Jones/2muchMedia & Communications

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Office Gnome also trainsrepparttar hostesses, teaching them as much what not to do as what makes a good chat hostess. "It's a personality thing. On iFriends, you can't be yourself. Those chat farms usually have a performer sitting in front of four or five computers. We have full video and audio, and we're on a network that brings visitors torepparttar 102806 model. So talk and appearance are very important."

And who will have to prepare an acceptance speech? "Oh, who knows at this point? This is on September 4th," said Office Gnome. "When we win it'll be a shared award. Every one of these chat hostesses is partly responsible for making us what we are."


Greg Jones was named Judge at the Qwebec Expo Best Adult Awards earlier this year. The nominations are being judged as this is being submitted. Jones is excluded from the vote for LiveCamNetwork.com

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