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Choosing Dinner Party Flowers for your Table Centerpiece Ė

Written by Joanie Williams

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Scented flowers are appealing, but not atrepparttar dinner table. Donít put highly scented flowers onrepparttar 146478 dinner table because their aroma can fight withrepparttar 146479 food aromas. Some guests may even be allergic torepparttar 146480 strong scent as well. The scented hyacinths Sally was eyeing would not be good choices forrepparttar 146481 dinner table.

Now you can eliminate a large range of flowers before you even get torepparttar 146482 store.

Remember, less choice means less stress.

2)White works with everything. White tablecloths work with every color of flower.

White taper candles work with every color of flower.

White or crystal candlesticks work with any color of flower.

And white flowers go with everything.

How easy could that be?

3)Decide on your color before you go shopping If you do want some color in your flowers, you already know that any color will go because of your white tablecloth and your white candles.

If you want color, select your color choices BEFORE you go shopping. Don't come home with a color that is lovely but doesn't work with your scheme. Making a color plan will really help you avoid stress atrepparttar 146483 flower shop.

If your first color choice isnít available when you get there, go to your second choice.

If you see some flowers you absolutely have to have, but they arenít one of your choices, donít change your whole plan forrepparttar 146484 dining room table centerpiece. Just buy those must-have flowers to decorate your living room. Then go back torepparttar 146485 plan and select one of your color choices forrepparttar 146486 dining room table.

So donít be like Sally. Putrepparttar 146487 three key flower-choosing secrets to work for you:

1)Remember that you shouldnít choose tall or scented flowers forrepparttar 146488 dinner table. 2)Remember that white goes with everything. 3)And if you want color in your flowers, choose one or two colors before you go torepparttar 146489 store, then stick with your choices, no matter how temptingrepparttar 146490 other colors are.

Now you have maximized your chances of choosingrepparttar 146491 right flowers, and minimized your stress while you shop.

P.S. Did you know that with just three basic centerpiece arrangements, you can cover almost every dinner party you give over a year? See how onrepparttar 146492 Table Centerpiece page at

Joanie Williams has been giving small dinner parties for years. To get better at it she decided to gather tips and information from experts into She would love to hear your burning questions on hosting a dinner party.Ask your burning question by clicking here while itís still on your mind.

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