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Written by lynne ireland

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one ofrepparttar decent genuine sites,to get a list free just email me at i will help you for free its about time there was a internet site that was free and genuin well this is it i will not ask you for any money ever cheers lynne ireland.If this link doesnt work just typerepparttar 137529 code into your web browser.


Affiliate Commission Stolen - From Under My Nose!

Written by Neil Shearing

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How do I know?


I'mrepparttar ONLY affiliate for a product I endorsed recently.

But, when I sent my announcement, a sale appeared from a SECOND affiliate username.

The person had changed my affiliate link to their own so that they could pocketrepparttar 137464 commission I was due.

That's bad karma folks.

Even if stealing commissions wasrepparttar 137465 easiest thing inrepparttar 137466 world to do, it still doesn't make it right.

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