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How to Grow Bamboo

Written by Hans Dekker

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Unluckily for bamboo, it hasrepparttar reputation for being an invasive plant, growing from running rhizomes. Although this is true for some cultivars,repparttar 113412 most cold-hardy plants donít run at all, but grow from well-behaved clumps with well-established root systems. One thing that bamboo cultivars do have in common is that they are perennial plants. As noted above, some bamboos varieties are temperate and some are tropical. Because its diversity, itís easy to find a suitable cultivar when you want to learn how to grow bamboo. Bamboo cultivars range from those that grow indoors to outdoors, in a garden or in a container, in bright light or shade.

Two considerations in knowing how to grow bamboo successfully are water and air. All true bamboos are grasses and wonít grow in saturated soils. They also need air circulation to thrive. In fact, some bamboo growers raiserepparttar 113413 pots of their small cultivars on chopsticks to provide air circulation underrepparttar 113414 plant as well as around it. Large pots are often elevated with heavy dowels.

The bamboo is a symbol of long life, strength and versatility for many cultures ofrepparttar 113415 world. Unraveling its mysteries is a continuing source of enjoyment. When you know how to grow bamboo, youíll find that your love forrepparttar 113416 plant grows as fast as your bamboo does!

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