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Crate Training Your Puppy

Written by Dy Witt

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Start leavingrepparttar room while he is in there for 2 minutes and onward, gradually. When you return, donít make a fuss, just walk over and openrepparttar 148927 crate. In 3 days he will be officially crate-trained, ready to be left alone for an hour, no longer at first. Leave him gradually longer, slowly and carefully.

Q. Why do I want a crate for my puppy? A. Because they love it isrepparttar 148928 best reason. They feel very safe and secure in there. Here are some more:

When you leave a puppy alone, he always has some measure of separation anxiety. This leads him to any behavior that brings him comfort, which is chewing, digging, or when it is severe, voiding his bowels. When placed in a crate, he feels safe because nothing can get to him, nothing can harm him. He will sleep and chew and wait for you to return.

Crate training isrepparttar 148929 first step in being able to leave him overnight atrepparttar 148930 vet. Without it he will cryrepparttar 148931 entire time, feeling lost and abandoned. With crate training, he is sure you will return, you always do. Of courserepparttar 148932 vetís office is strange and will cause him some anxiety, but nothing likerepparttar 148933 pure terror he will feel without experience in being locked in.

NOTE: About crate-training, do not make a prison of his crate. Do not use it as punishment. Do not leave him there for more than 2 hours, just time for a long puppy nap and some chew time. After that he will cry. Do not remove him while he is crying. This will make him think he has to cry to get out. No matter what, make sure he is being good when you openrepparttar 148934 door. He will learn he has to be quiet to get out.

Do not make a fuss when you are letting him out, just quietly openrepparttar 148935 door and take him out to potty. When he potties, praise him to high heaven! Dogs naturally do not go where they nest, but sometimes it happens. Do not scold, just clean it out with a bland face. He will learnrepparttar 148936 lesson. If possible, try to clean it while he is outside so he returns to a clean crate.

Dy Witt has shown,bred and trained standard poodles for 25 years. For more information on her training methods, see her website at www.DogTraining15MinsaDay.com or email her at DogsLoveToWork@aol.com

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