h Webmaster, What Have You Got Yourself Into!?

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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8. Tweaking

Don't laugh. If you subscribe to helpful ezines, you continually learn about little ways to improve your web site's design. You'll often be tweaking it a bit here, and a bit there.

9. Fixing tables and forms

For unexplained reasons tables and forms go out of shape, or need to be revised. Unless you delegate this aspect of your work, it will eat up time sooner or later.

10. Starting an ezine to build relationships

Before long you will seerepparttar best advertising is to be an authority figure in your field. You'll want to keep in touch with past customers and those who window-shopped at your web site but need to be invited back. You might just write articles like this and let your resource box do your advertising, but if you start an ezine - watch out - it will take over your life.

11. Corresponding with new friends and clients

If your website and ads will make you many friends and clients they will want to chat with you and get some business questions answered. It takes time to answer them all even if you are a people- person and haverepparttar 131999 gift of gab. Especially then!

12. Dealing with floods of email!

Some email is truly junk, but it takes a while to sort and organize your system for recognizing and dealing with it. Still, some days it will hit you like an avalanche.

Am I trying to discourage you? By no means! It's an exciting life. I find considerable fulfillment in it. But if you are just starting out, you might want to make sure you have room in your life for all this. Do allow yourself enough time to learn. Don't expect to understand it all and be rolling in money by next Friday.

Unless you are one exceptionally coordinated team, a committee will take twice as long. Take time to learn it all yourself. All this knowledge is going to be very useful to your business career.

Ruth Marlene Friesen, Editor of A Journal of God's Provision - Digest. Does God care about your internet business? Yes He does! Watch miracles at http://journal-provision.hypermart.net/ Author: mailto:ruth@journal-provision.hypermart.net

Web Site Maintenance Made Easy

Written by Steve Wood

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Now, whenever anyone viewsrepparttar pages containing those directives,repparttar 131997 server will placerepparttar 131998 contents ofrepparttar 131999 text files inrepparttar 132000 appropriate place andrepparttar 132001 viewer will seerepparttar 132002 header and footer. Whenever a change is needed withinrepparttar 132003 header or footer, only ONE file needs to be edited,repparttar 132004 text file. All ofrepparttar 132005 pages using that file will be "automatically" updated. Changingrepparttar 132006 copyright date or address or phone number on every page of your web site will now take only 30 seconds because only one file has to be edited!

The easiest way to do this is to create a web page with everything you'd like to have on it. Those parts that will recur on every other page are where you will use SSI. All you have to do is "cut & paste" all ofrepparttar 132007 html that will be used on each page, pasting it into a text file. Where you "cut"repparttar 132008 html, replace it withrepparttar 132009 directive, such as:

Dorepparttar 132010 same thing forrepparttar 132011 footer, if needed. Saverepparttar 132012 HTML files using SSI withrepparttar 132013 extension ".shtml". Also, depending on how your server is set up with your host, you may have to make surerepparttar 132014 text file is inrepparttar 132015 same directory asrepparttar 132016 .shtml file.

This also makesrepparttar 132017 initial design and development of web sites go much smoother. You can now have a "template" for each page usingrepparttar 132018 header and footer directive, then simply addrepparttar 132019 content in between for each page.

I guarantee that this little trick will save you hours and hours of tedious work. As I stated atrepparttar 132020 beginning, if you've been through these "simple" edits before, you will need very little convincing!

Steve Wood provides web site design and hosting for small businesses. Visit Wood Interactive at http://www.personalkey.com and request a FREE analysis of your web site. Questions pertaining to the use of SSI as described in the above article can be directed to: mailto:steve@personalkey.com.

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