ghost worlds

Written by mark rabusseau

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Since then Mary Lou and I have been ghost hunting with our digital camera and EMF detector. Our best luck has been onrepparttar battlefields of Gettysburg. Most ofrepparttar 122402 pictures we have are of orbs which seem to be semi-translucent balls of energy. When we ghost hunt we follow a list of guidelines such as no smoking, no rain or adverse weather conditions, it must be a clear day with no dust floating around. We don't seerepparttar 122403 ghost with our eyes, butrepparttar 122404 digital camera picks uprepparttar 122405 energy they seem to produce. please view my home page at:

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Soul Provider

Written by Joseph Ghabi

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Now a Soul inhibits, through centuries in lifecycles, one after another for its growth inrepparttar body,repparttar 122401 temple ofrepparttar 122402 Soul. Once a human being understands and looks at another human being as a Soul, and that it is here for its growth and enlightenment, then prejudice will fade, as well as hate, and abuse. Rememberrepparttar 122403 body or temple that our soul chose for this lifetime. If being black, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, or even handicapped, it is a lesson where a Soul wants to get intorepparttar 122404 bigger picture of a particular situation. Probably in their next life that same Soul will choserepparttar 122405 same or different circumstances for its growth.

I remember a good friend of mine Valerie (my yoga teacher) told me a while back when I started on my path that I was a very old Soul. At that time it sounded big and great. I did not understand what she meant by it. The terminology sounded good but it was all new territory for me that I had not embarked on at that point. I was always aware of one thing ever since I was a kid - that I always felt old, or older than my age, and that nothing mattered to me. I always felt I did not need much to be happy. Some of you can probably relate to what I am talking about here. Now, I believe I understand what she meant by it. I am gettingrepparttar 122406 bigger picture. Actual numeric age bears no relevance onrepparttar 122407 age ofrepparttar 122408 Soul, and wisdom should never be measured by age. It is always better to listen and pay close attention to someone in our surrounding who is younger than us. We should never disregard them just because of their age.

I mentioned labeling before and maybe some of you did not understand what I meant by that. I have hadrepparttar 122409 opportunity to travel to many third world countries and learn about those people who live there while we are taking our life for granted. One of my experiences occurred while I was living and working in a country where people are labeled according to where they come from. I do not treat people differently whether they are a doctor or someone who washes dishes for a living. But when we label a worker or a dishwasher and treat them like they don’t exist we degrade this human being while calling ourselves civilized. Affluent people or a person living onrepparttar 122410 street, are allrepparttar 122411 same. They are all Souls who are here to acquire certain experiences and knowledge. There is nothing wrong with either. It is not who you are, or what you do, that makes you a human being. Think about it carefully, because one day your own Soul might go forrepparttar 122412 experience of being a person who washes dishes. You will then come to really learn what it is to be humiliated by another human being. What can create Karma between people isrepparttar 122413 way we treat each other in one lifetime.

Joseph Ghabi’s early career began rather ‘technically’ with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Always intrigued by spiritual phenomena, Joseph’s spiritual life began rather early in life.

At the age of eight he discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology and healing.

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