facts after faith

Written by keith mercer + plaguerism and the twilight zone

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???judge us innocent of evil intent...guide us in truth,waters of water a firmament= flames of flames gather [gravity ]to reveal LOAM = a planet??? did jesus walk on water or coals...the eternal flame! still stagnant water or drink of flowing water? LORD is a state title restricted...70,000 references to he him his in sanctified scriptures removed ...god is not personified by pronouns forrepparttar benifit of either sex god is god ...fearrepparttar 126959 roots of 2nd deathrepparttar 126960 deeper they proberepparttar 126961 greaterrepparttar 126962 radiance of grace...they burn souls for exchange of energy =imortal invisible E2=Mc3[jesus] God E3=Mc4

48/m/usa-uk horse riding[madison square gardens and much more] acoustic guitar and singing, gardening, walking, cooking, drawing, painting, computers****1978 u bet!!! and whatever 3 years from now molecular memory /engineering will give any humankind the ability to destroy the global food chain...meek inherit ,turn other cheek, love our neighbors, .60 billion cloning fish at peace not one human at war....mind over matter...faith over futility, duty over beauty...tube BB 2b or not cylender

Zen Mind: A Personal View

Written by Clive Taylor

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A natural being feelsrepparttar world cleanly, whereas an “I”, full of beliefs and ideas of self, overlays those unadulterated feelings with external content, imbuing them with emotional “charge”. This charge is reactive torepparttar 126958 world around it, continually creating conflict as it attempts to dissipate.

(Modern research shows that there is a gap of approximately half a second betweenrepparttar 126959 body/mind’s initiation of a physical action and our conscious intention to do so. This suggests thatrepparttar 126960 body/mind acts according to its belief instructions, not any conscious intention. The “I” is just along forrepparttar 126961 ride – late - while pretending to be in charge.)

What comes out ofrepparttar 126962 moment relates only to that moment. It’s already past and non-existent as it is experienced. To hold to anything experienced or said in that moment, is to live inrepparttar 126963 dead past.

If you can’t touch it, show it, taste it, does it have any reality? That’s not to say it isn’t real, but it may not be real. It could be a construct of ideas.

Whatever is actual or real can only be there when all ideas, all thoughts, all belief, all traces of identity are gone – when there is no “I” left to take us out ofrepparttar 126964 moment. Ifrepparttar 126965 eternal now moment is all there is, this isrepparttar 126966 only way to be in it.

Thought is only necessary, only of any use, when it is called for byrepparttar 126967 moment, for a particular task. To keep thinking beyondrepparttar 126968 particular call ofrepparttar 126969 moment isrepparttar 126970 same as keeping your arm above your head allrepparttar 126971 time, or holding your stomach muscles tensed allrepparttar 126972 time.

If you took every real momentary experience ofrepparttar 126973 natural being –repparttar 126974 smell of a flower, a sunset,repparttar 126975 death of a friend, a humorous situation,repparttar 126976 movement of smoke onrepparttar 126977 wind – all of these in every moment, but with no self, no “I” there to even be aware of these things, this isrepparttar 126978 state of natural mind.

Years of research into consciousness, zero-point physics theory, emergence theory, memes and many other new understandings coming out of mathematics and physics. Ongoing work as relationship therapist is bringing deep revelations about the nature of our psyches. Author/illustrator children’s books (e.g. I Wish My Dad Was A Pirate). Music CD (The Nothing Booth).

Related web site: www.becomereal.com. For online access to unique self growth process.

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