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energy.this new technology work onrepparttar same priciple asrepparttar 133539 water wheel

environ has invented a technology that will replace fossil fuel and nuclear energy

Migrate to ASP.NET

Written by Adrian Lewis

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Performance: - IT Hardware is expensive - a factor that has to be considered when hosting an application for a business. The .NET platform utilisesrepparttar IT hardware more efficiently, thus significantly improving performance. This reducesrepparttar 133538 cost required to make a large application run acceptably and increasesrepparttar 133539 number of applications that can be simultaneously hosted on a single machine.

Time: - The .NET framework provides a powerful collection of code libraries covering allrepparttar 133540 major areas of IT. By harnessingrepparttar 133541 power of these libraries, developers can write an application using far less lines of code. This reducesrepparttar 133542 time taken to complete solutions significantly. As well as this,repparttar 133543 ability to re-use code in .NET is made easier, thus reducing development time even further.

Perceived Quality: - The .NET framework provides more flexibility than any other framework available. This gives developers more choice when creating a solution for a client and makes it simpler than ever before to add useful value-added features, currently only found onrepparttar 133544 highest quality sites. The improvement in quality that can be achieved using .NET means that a Software company's brand can be developed by guaranteeing higher quality software than its competitors.

These are just some ofrepparttar 133545 many benefits that .Net can offer your business.

This article is copyright Fire Without Smoke Software 2003. If you wish to reproduce it please seek permission from www.fwoss.com or info@fwoss.com

Adrian is FWOSS' technical director and developing using the .NET platform is an area of his expertise.

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