eMergent Marketing New Employee Announcement: Susie Lanza

Written by Brett Lane

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According to Susie, "Emergent is an exciting opportunity and natural fit for me. I thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and am thrilled to help moldrepparttar SEO business. I also connected right away withrepparttar 146289 team and sharerepparttar 146290 same philosophies on building culture and conducting business."

Organic search engine optimization continues to be a leading service offering for eMergent Marketing. With a highly experienced and trusted team of optimizers, eMergent Marketing continues to win business inrepparttar 146291 local market and throughoutrepparttar 146292 country, with clients including: Dirt Devil, Third Federal, Renaissance Hotels, Marriott, Ambiance, Troy-Bilt, and many more.

Brett S. Lane is an Internet Marketing Specialist for eMergent Marketing, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Web Site Conversion & Usability Testing

Google's "Good Writing" Content Filter

Written by Joel Walsh

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* Make sure a professional writer, or at least someone who can tell good writing from bad, is creating your site's content, particularly inrepparttar case of a search-engine optimization campaign. If you are an SEO, make sure you get a pro to dorepparttar 146254 content. A shocking number of SEOs write incredibly badly. I've even had clients whose websites got fewer conversions or page views after their SEOs got through with them, even when they got a sharp uptick in unique visitors. Most visitors simply hitrepparttar 146255 "back" button when confronted withrepparttar 146256 unpalatable text, sorepparttar 146257 increased traffic is just wasted bandwidth. * If you write your own content, make sure that it passes throughrepparttar 146258 hands of a skilled copyeditor or writer before going online. * Update your content often. It's important both to add new pages and update existing pages. If you can't afford original content, use free-reprint content. * Distribute your content to other websites on a free-reprint basis. This will help your website get links in exchange forrepparttar 146259 right to publishrepparttar 146260 content. It will also help spread your message and enhance your visibility. Fears of a "duplicate content penalty" for free-reprint content (as opposed to duplication of content within a single website) are unjustified. * In short, make surerepparttar 146261 bulk of your investment in your website is devoted to its content, rather than graphic design, old-school search-engine optimization, or linking campaigns.

Joel Walsh is the owner, founder and head-writer of UpMarket Content. To read more about website content best practices, get a consultation with Mr. Walsh, or get a sample page for your site at no charge, go to the SEO website content page: http://www.upmarketcontent.com/website-content/#seo

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