eLectrify your eBusiness by eReading eBooks!

Written by Mike Jones

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Stop every 10 minutes or so and allow your eyes to roam around your surroundings, perhaps focusing on a distant object. This helps eliminate eye fatigue.

How to make your eReading electrify your business The number one trap to avoid is to just start reading WITHOUT any plan or preparation. This is like trying to catch and hold falling snow flakes. Yes there are millions of them and they all look so beautiful. Alas, they only last one second inrepparttar warmth of your hand. A good eBook may have a host of wonderful ideas. You are captivated by one, then in an instant that one is forgotten as you move on torepparttar 108533 next. So how can you make your eReading sessions PRODUCTIVE? Resistrepparttar 108534 temptation to just rush in and start. Instead do this first:

1. Have a new document open in your word processor. 2. Scanrepparttar 108535 eBook's outline of contents so you can anticipate what's coming and whererepparttar 108536 book is going. 3. Start reading objectively. This means you are looking for something! Basically any idea or suggestion that you can apply to YOUR business should be noted in your open document. Enterrepparttar 108537 page number so you can find it again. Alternatively, if you like working with hard copy, hitrepparttar 108538 print button. Then use a colored highlighter onrepparttar 108539 key sentences. 4. After your reading session, set a time to implement or investigaterepparttar 108540 points you have noted.

eBook reading should be a part of your weekly schedule. Make time each day to scan or read another batch of pages. For key eBooks, return to them after a couple of months and read them again. You will be amazed how many more gems you can sift out of it. What ifrepparttar 108541 material in some books is duplicated in others? They still have value. No two books are identical. Does a gardening enthusiast have one gardening book on his bookshelf? No. If you are serious about internet business then you need a good collection of eBusiness eBooks!

For example, a must in any eLibrary must surely be Ken Envoy's "Make Your Site Sell". I read sections againrepparttar 108542 other day which led me to make further changes on my web site. I removed a lot of clutter fromrepparttar 108543 top of my web pages so a nice clean, clear header could do its work of pullingrepparttar 108544 audience in torepparttar 108545 main body ofrepparttar 108546 page. On previous readings I had missed that point. This time it screamed at me in view of my web page design.

So get your eLibrary organized. If you already have eBooks littered around your hard disk, gather them together and build an eLibrary. Start using them. If you have not yet downloaded any eBooks, make a start today usingrepparttar 108547 suggestions above.

Yes, you can eLectrify your eBusiness by eReading eBooks from your own eLibrary!

Mike Jones mikejones@vitalstop.com The Affiliate Masters Course is an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion. Send a blank e-mail here: Mailto:tamsvitalstop@sitesell.net

Using Multiple Ebook Formats To Build Your Brand

Written by Monique Harris

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regular basis, they will typically visit your colleagues, competitors, or industry sites. Get your title featured in all potential sales venues - no matter what format repparttar ebook is sold in - and you'll reach them more frequently.

Cost to transform each book is minimal, because you only have to convert a title to a specific format one time. There are no physical distribution costs. And what you reap in overall exposure, as well as additional sales can be tremendous.

Monique Harris is the editor/publisher of "Digital Publishing & Promotion," a twice-weekly Webzine for authors, publishers and promoters who wish to sell more books - (print and electronic) - online. Visit her site at .

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