"eBiz 101: A Blue Print For Success!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Web Site Commissions: http://hop.clickbank.net/?blastads/marketplace

Web Design Resources: http://www.emailexchange.org/webdes.html

Web Hosting Resources: http://www.emailexchange.org/webhos.html

C. Attract targeted traffic.

How do you reach your niche group?

You tap into those FREE Internet resources and find out where and how your niche group exists.

1. Search Engines.

Prepare a list of search words that would identify or are related to your niche. What words would you use to look it up inrepparttar "Yellow Pages"?

Once you compile your list, hitrepparttar 118007 Top Ten Search Engines and Directories and start searching each word and begin to "Bookmark"repparttar 118008 results that you find will be useful for interacting with your niche.

Top Ten Search Engines: http://emailexchange.org/promo2.html

2. Discussion lists.

A discussion or mailing list is a community that discusses a certain subject by e-mail. The Internet discussion groups may be mailing lists, newsgroups or IRC chat channels, to name just a few possibilities.

Every niche group has serious discussion lists that would be informative and educational to join. Your niche group will benefit from your contribution torepparttar 118009 list and you can communicate your message, with your signature.

Join Free Discussion or Mailing Lists:

Liszt - The Mailing List Directory: http://www.liszt.com/

Search The List of Lists: http://catalog.com/vivian/interest-group-search.html

CataList,repparttar 118010 catalog of 46,902 public LISTSERV lists! http://www.lsoft.com/lists/listref.html

3. Your Signature.

NEVER underestimaterepparttar 118011 power of your signature.

During a one week period, my signature wasrepparttar 118012 ONLY form of promotion I used and we got over 1000 visitors to our unadvertised web site.

How To Use Your Signature: http://emailexchange.org/sig.html

4. Ezines/Newsletters.

Whatever your niche, there probably already exists a network of publications that tap into your group. Tap into them and get an instant pulse on your market.

Top 100 Online Business Newsletters: http://emailexchange.org/newsletters.html

This gives you a basic "Blue Print" to follow to either begin to establish yourself onrepparttar 118013 Internet or expand on whatever you have already accomplished.

Once you know WHY you want to contact people, then you will know WHO it is you need to communicate with and for WHAT reason.

The basic resources I have outlined above will give you a strong foundation to discover WHERE to reach that special niche of yours.

And you will need to decide WHEN.

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Written by Bob McElwain

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The Launch

I'll uploadrepparttar pages, double check them, then head forrepparttar 118006 search engines. Next, I'll get on about serious business, and wait a time. It takes a while these days to get listed.

I may take a crack atrepparttar 118007 pay-per-click search engines, just to get hits more quickly. But to play this game seriously, you need hard data on hits versus sales.

Something Different

I'm going to use an approach that again is not supposed to work with fiction. However, it works great with How To titles, so I'll give it a try.

I'll let visitors downloadrepparttar 118008 book and readrepparttar 118009 first 50 to 60 pages or so. They will order only if interested in readingrepparttar 118010 rest of it.

Checking And Testing

Withrepparttar 118011 above,repparttar 118012 site purpose becomes very simple: Generate a download ofrepparttar 118013 book. This is a lot easier to achieve than actually closingrepparttar 118014 sale. Given any hits at all,repparttar 118015 effectiveness ofrepparttar 118016 site in getting this job done will be easy to measure.

Of courserepparttar 118017 bottom line is, 1) Will anybody be interested? And 2), if so, will anybody buy? That last one is going to be a cliff hanger for a time.

What Next?

Given sales, I'll know 1) # of hits to get a download, #2) # of downloads to get a sale. Thus I'll knowrepparttar 118018 value of a hit. Sure, it will be soft data; you can't be sure until counts get intorepparttar 118019 thousands. But hey, if $100/month seems likely, with upside potential, here's what I'll do.

Launch More Sites I have five other manuscripts that are equally good. So I'll put them up as described above. If results are equally good, I'll build a central site, still themed, to whichrepparttar 118020 original sites are satelites. Then ...

Watch My Dust

I'll openrepparttar 118021 site to other quality work, perferably in genres no longer published. There are a lot of people like myself around who have written good tales that never made it into print.

If It Works

I'll be into a site that cost many hundreds of hours to put together, particularly when you add in some scheme for deciding upon new titles to offer and converting them to ebooks. Dollar costs might be more than $4000. But it will be a winner, for I will have demonstrated at every step alongrepparttar 118022 way that there are enough people who will read ebook fiction to make it fly.

An Unwarrented Risk If Built From Scratch

Inrepparttar 118023 paragraph above, I consider a fuzzy view ofrepparttar 118024 future, one that may not come about. But look atrepparttar 118025 difference in risk of time and dollars. To buildrepparttar 118026 above, then finally accept failure a year out would be a disaster.

But withrepparttar 118027 minimal risks in putting together that first mini-site, hey, this is going to be fun. I can easily afford a little time and a few bucks. And what if it pays off?

So What About You?

What crazy idea do you have down deep inside that makes people chuckle or laugh every time you bring it up?

However wild it may be, no matter how many scoff at it, risk a little time and a few bucks. You may be able to demonstrate you were right after all. And you'll be on your way to success.

And if it flops? No problem. Just try an even crazier idea. Keep it up, and you'll find gold. Lots of it.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success." How to build ANY business you want, just the way you want it, with only pocket money. Get ANSWERS. Subscribe to "STAT News" now! mailto:join-stat@lyris.dundee.net

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