eBay is the Greatest Opportunity YOU Have to Create a Career Online

Written by Mark Kenny

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Targeted Traffic

eBay lets users take away allrepparttar hard work by allowing customers to search for you. Normally online it'srepparttar 143791 other way around with you advertising your product, building links to your website, starting joint ventures, etc just to getrepparttar 143792 correct type of visitors to your site. I could go on but you hopefully you getrepparttar 143793 idea.

Getting visitors to your own website to purchase items isn't easy. It can also be costly & timely if your new to net marketing. But by selling on eBay you can forget about it all because users actually search for you. They simply type what their looking for and up springs a list of results including your item.

User friendly

eBay is easy to use and guides you thoughrepparttar 143794 selling process. With help at every point, it's hard to go wrong. And if you do it's easy to correct it your mistake. With communities and forums acrossrepparttar 143795 net, you don't have to look hard to find someone to help you. Plus there are hundreds of eBooks written onrepparttar 143796 subject.

So now you know why I rate eBay so highly. Start selling today and makerepparttar 143797 most of your experience online.

Mark Kenny develops niche and profitable turnkey websites. You can see a selection of his work, including his new eBay Trading-Assistants website at: http://trading-web-solutions.com

The Importance of building a List

Written by Javier Salces

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- You can double your return on investment while lowering your advertising costs. Once you've got a list in place, you don't have to limit your offerings to just affiliate product. You can bring in any additional, related products of interest to your list and make sales immediately without going throughrepparttar same advertising process all over again.

Can you seerepparttar 143790 benefits yet?

Why spend m.oney over and over again sending people torepparttar 143791 same page and "hoping for a sale", when you can capture them to your list and have full control overrepparttar 143792 conversion process?

Any other approach leaves you atrepparttar 143793 mercy ofrepparttar 143794 merchant's web copy andrepparttar 143795 customer's mindset at first contact. You've got to lure your prospects in and expose them your message multiple times. This will save you so much time and m.oney you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Javier Salces is an experienced online marketer who runs 3 successful viral marketing sites with thousands of members. He also publish the popular newsletter "opt-inLeads eZine". Feel f.ree to visit his brand new List building service at: http://www.opt-inleads.com/recommends/coop

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