eBay and Dropshipping - A Perfect Fit!

Written by Joe Clare

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How does one put together eBay and Dropshipping? It's really very simple. First, browse eBay to see what kind of product(s) you would like to sell. Then sign up as a member with eBay. Once you have decided on a product(s), locate a dropshipper for that product(s). Sign up with that dropshipper and then place an auction on eBay forrepparttar item. Once your auction is over and you have a buyer forrepparttar 143399 product email your dropshipperrepparttar 143400 required information. The dropshipper will shiprepparttar 143401 product directly to your customer, and charge your accountrepparttar 143402 wholesale price for that product. The difference betweenrepparttar 143403 wholesale price and your retail price is pure profit!

To run a successful eBay Business you will need to sell whatrepparttar 143404 public wants to buy. Always research any product before you decide to sell it. Make sure it is popular and you can get it at a great price.

Happy Selling! Joe Clare

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What to Sell on eBay - 7 REAL Tips for Finding Successful Products

Written by Matt Blasses

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  • Beware of seasonal items. Christmas decorations may sell well from October until December, but no one will be buying them in April. If you will be selling seasonal items, make sure you know when their season ends, and don't get stuck with a lot of leftover products.
  • Fads can be great money-makers for short periods of time, but after that, good luck getting rid of them. Think of Beanie Babies, Tickle Me Elmo and Cabbage Patch Kids. All of these fads enjoyed phenomenal sales due to their intense popularity. Afterrepparttar boom, however, sales (and prices) dropped immediately. Riderepparttar 143398 waves of popular items, but beware of their life-cycle. Prepare forrepparttar 143399 end ofrepparttar 143400 fad, even as you are beginningrepparttar 143401 selling.
  • Bring something unique torepparttar 143402 marketplace. This seems difficult - and it can be. If you have access to something unique, such as a specialized book, health product or computer program that other sellers don't have license for, your products will be in demand. This tip is worth putting some time into. Think of ways to obtain such products, or modify existing ones (But be sure of your rights to do so!).
  • Sell what is in demand. Coins, stamps and other collectibles are always in demand. They are easy to buy and easy to sell and ship. If you spend time researchingrepparttar 143403 ones that sellrepparttar 143404 best, forrepparttar 143405 most profit, you can do very well in this area. Try to come up with unique ways of presenting these items as well.
  • Hopefully these tips will get you started. Always keep in mind that uniqueness seems to berepparttar 143406 key to eBay success. Even if you're selling existing and plentiful items, come up with a unique way of selling or packaging them, and you may just findrepparttar 143407 next winner.

    Good luck, and happy selling!

    Matt Blasses is the author of the groundbreaking ebook "How to Get Rich Buying and Selling Stamps on eBay - Even if you don't know anything about stamps."

    This ebook is available for immediate download at www.stampebook.com

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