eBay Thieves Make Auctions Tougher

Written by Sydney Johnston

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If you have testimonials and feedback from happy customers, tellrepparttar world. It's true that Richardson had these advantages, too, but he is newsworthy simply because he is an exception and notrepparttar 117013 rule. Generally,repparttar 117014 feedback system works very well.

If you have special credentials, let buyers know. For example, perhaps you are a nurse who sells nutritional supplements or you are an antique dealer who has been inrepparttar 117015 business for 30 years and can prove it.

This kind of credibility is much more reassuring than a one page website and a free hotmail address.

2. Credit cards arerepparttar 117016 safest way to purchase anything. These days, it is possible for most entrepreneurs to accept credit cards throughrepparttar 117017 auction sites or 3rd party processors, even if they don't have their own merchant account. Go even further and explainrepparttar 117018 safety of credit cards to your buyers.

In my one and only personal experience with auction fraud, there were dozens of other sellers who never received their merchandise. Those who paid by credit card, like I did, received their money back. Those who paid with cash or cashier's checks simply lost their money.

eBay has fraud protection, but it only covers $175.

3. Escrow is a great safeguard, although it is most practical for higher priced sales. It works like this:

a. The buyer sendsrepparttar 117019 purchase price torepparttar 117020 escrow company, who then verifiesrepparttar 117021 funds b. The escrow company notifiesrepparttar 117022 seller who shipsrepparttar 117023 merchandise torepparttar 117024 buyer c. Whenrepparttar 117025 buyer is satisfied,repparttar 117026 money is released torepparttar 117027 seller d. Ifrepparttar 117028 buyer isn't satisfied, he can returnrepparttar 117029 merchandise torepparttar 117030 seller and receive his money back. These kinds of conditions are usually specified in advance. That is, "I changed my mind" usually isn't grounds for return ofrepparttar 117031 merchandise. It normally has to be misrepresented in some way for a buyer return.

According to news stories, one of Richardson's buyers sent a registered check for $20,000. That money is lost for good. Ifrepparttar 117032 buyer had been careful enough to use an escrow company that loss would not have occurred. If you sell expensive items, always mention this option to buyers. Even if they choose not to use it, they will know you have nothing to hide.

Sydney Johnston, the AUCTION QUEEN, was one of the original sellers on eBay.com back in 1996. She is the author of Make Your Net Auction Sell!, published by Dr. Ken Evoy and sitesell. She is the originator and teacher of the famous Auction Genius Course, a powerful 16 hour seminar on the internet that teaches everything necessary to build a powerful and wealthy online auction, and includes software and numerous other aids. http://auction-genius-course.com

5 Successful Marketing Tips

Written by Lady Camelot

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4. Participate in a reciprocal linking program that will list your site. The more resources you add to your site in this manner,repparttar more your organization will shine inrepparttar 117012 public eye.

5. Attitude. Proficient communication is a must. When contacting potential clients, always maintain a positive and professional attitude. Be clear and concise. Always be cheerful in your greetings, and never lose your temper. Remember,repparttar 117013 best marketing representation goes hand-in-hand with a friendly demeanor.

Finally,repparttar 117014 finest technique of marketing is exemplified inrepparttar 117015 movie, "Miracle on 34th Street." St. Nicholas, is a savvy entrepreneur who displaysrepparttar 117016 best qualities of being a successful marketing agent. Not only does he achieve a brilliant rapport with his "cliental," he manages to win over more customers by providing them with useful information -- even if it didn't come from his own employer.

Sometimes, an ounce of kindness -- coupled withrepparttar 117017 utmost professionalism, can makerepparttar 117018 difference between success and failure. Just some thoughts.

(c) Lady Camelot 2004

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Lady Camelot is the Public Relations' Director for www.holisticjunction.com

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