eBay Listing Service : Make Managing Your Auctions Easy

Written by John Lenaghan

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Using an easy-to-understand WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) user interface, Turbo Lister enables you to keep track of literally hundreds (or even thousands) of auctions atrepparttar drop of a hat. The best part? This program is completely FREE to registered eBay users!

What Are Some Other Helpful eBay Services?

eBay provides many helpful listing services to both experienced and novice, small and high volume sellers to help them keep track of their auctions, no matter how much or how little they happen to be selling. For low volume sellers, eBay’s basic listing form is very easy to use - you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it.

For sellers who sellrepparttar 144213 same items repeatedly, eBay provides their “Turbo Lister” to help you with your online auction management. And for higher volume sellers, eBay offers their Selling Manager and Blackthorne listing services.

John Lenaghan writes about eBay and other online auctions for the Online Auction Advisor website, where he writes about things such as dropshippers, how to make money on eBay and many other auction-related topics.

Avoid a Summer Sales Slump

Written by Marty Dickinson

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5) Submit your article to other peoples' BLOGs. BLOGs are easy to find because web site owners are always adding them torepparttar front page of their sites so that you can't miss them.

The challenge of owning a BLOG is contributing to it every day. It's easy to do forrepparttar 144178 first couple of weeks but then that dedication slips.

So, approach a BLOGger with your article and suggest they include it to their BLOG if they ever get in a bind and can't make a posting of their own one day. Chances are, you'll see your article posted withinrepparttar 144179 week!

6) Submit your article to RSS feeds. RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication," which essentially means you add your article torepparttar 144180 list once and it will appear on potentially hundreds of other peoples' web sites. Search Google for "rss articles submission" to get you started.

7) Have something ready on your web site to inspire any new visitors to get more involved with your business. I'm not saying putrepparttar 144181 hard sell on them. Just offer some way for them to discover more about how you can help them.

Provide more articles for them to read. Maybe add a sound file or two. Have a newsletter subscription area. Offer a free tele-seminar or webinar. Be creative but captivating. Have a definite answer torepparttar 144182 question, "How can my new web site visitors benefit from being on my web site for another couple of minutes?"

Follow these seven steps and there's a good chance you will not only increase your web site visitors with targeted traffic, but that visitation could happen more quickly than you might expect.

So, don't allow your potential sales for this year's Summer months to be "terminated" before they even have a chance to happen.

Take action this week and July and August could turn out to be two of your best sales months yet.

Marty Dickinson started the company HereNextYear in 1996 and has helped hundreds of small business owners to use the Internet to increase sales through web site design and on-line promotion. He is also a national speaker and author of the book, "Winning the Internet Dogfight." Visit <Back to Page 1

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