e-Business Trends of 2004

Written by John Evans

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Another popular trend for e-business in 2004 wasrepparttar rise in web services. Individuals with technical skills suitable forrepparttar 144720 internet have been relishingrepparttar 144721 success ofrepparttar 144722 e-businesses. These services can vary from technical support to graphic design to web hosting. Many successful e-businesses involve individuals who have repparttar 144723 technical know-how andrepparttar 144724 right equipment to host, design, create, and maintain websites. Especially in this technical age with a great deal of individuals bringing their lives and businesses torepparttar 144725 World Wide Web,repparttar 144726 know-how to create websites is an extraordinary talent that can be quite lucrative.

The web log, or blog, has reached its pinnacle in 2004. Serving as an online journal or diary, everyone fromrepparttar 144727 New York Times torepparttar 144728 next door neighbor has embraced this new medium with open arms. Finding individuals to host, write, and maintain these blogs has been a surprising trend of 2004. All businesses from accounting to zoology have jumped onrepparttar 144729 blog bandwagon, but many do not haverepparttar 144730 time or staff to create and maintain this new-found medium. This niche has been slowly filled by individuals who will take care of all sorts of blogging needs, although there is plenty of room left for those individuals who wish to take on this project for their own e-business.

Whatever your choose to focus your e-business on, your execution will directly affect your success. Doing your research upfront will save you a great deal of time with hassles and headaches when unplanned events arise. Furthermore, carefully planning your business will allow you to set specific goals and deadlines to ensure you have covered all your bases when dealing with customers and clients.

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Year in Review: Top Ten Internet Businesses 2004

Written by John Evans

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Expedia,repparttar Washington-based travel company has revolutionizedrepparttar 144719 entire travel industry. Allowing individuals to serve as their own travel agents and search a database of airfares, rental cars, and hotel rooms, Expedia has allowed everyone to gain access torepparttar 144720 phenomenal travel deals that would previously be reserved for insiders.

Technology giant Microsoft launchedrepparttar 144721 Microsoft to serve a variety of needs for a consumer. Boasting email, news, chat software, and website hosting, MSN is one ofrepparttar 144722 most visited websites onrepparttar 144723 internet.

America Online has found a great deal of competition with companies like MSN and Yahoo! but is still one ofrepparttar 144724 most popular internet service providers out there. Boasting an entire network of satisfied customers, AOL goes beyondrepparttar 144725 service of other providers. Many individuals new torepparttar 144726 internet choose to use AOL due to its ease of use and availability all overrepparttar 144727 globe.

Netflix has become an increasingly popular option for many movie-renting customers. Instead of having to travel to your local movie store,repparttar 144728 movies are shipped directly to your home. You have an unlimited number of rentals and pay a nominal monthly fee forrepparttar 144729 service. By lowering its fees inrepparttar 144730 middle ofrepparttar 144731 year to compete with lower competitor prices, Netflix drastically increased its clientele.

Withrepparttar 144732 popularity of burning audio and video files to create your own CDs, many copyright issues have taken center court. Instead of illegally trading music for free using person to person programs; Real.com has a wide array of songs available for legal download for a nominal fee. Additionally, Real.com offers a variety of free and pay media players so individuals can play MP3s, CDs, DVDs, and any other type of media file directly on their computer.

The last internet company inrepparttar 144733 top ten is online retailer and technology giant Apple. Their website Apple.com boasts an amazing number of customers each month, as it provides a forum to purchase Apple products along with different programs necessary for maintaining your Apple computer, iPod, or any other electronic product sold byrepparttar 144734 company.

John Evans runs http://www.SuccessAlert.com, and has written the book Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs which has been widely acclaimed in a variety of media. If you want to hear about Top Ten Internet Businesses 2004 this book is a must-read!

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