...open door to your home wireless?

Written by Daviyd Peterson

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You have a deadbolt and a door lock on your front door and some even have a home security system in place. Why have a screen door latch on your home computer network, when you know there are people trying that door 24/7?

If you want to put a digital rottweiler between your home wireless network and hackers, marketers and other cyber-vandals then evaluate a strong firewall for your african american business.

Don't haverepparttar time or resources to get your home wireless network protected and need a african american Wireless Solution Provider partner to be there for you? We can help give you your freedom back...and a whole lot more. M.D.T.G.

Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer Helps african american SMBs bridge the digital divide by going wireless. Free article on Home Wireless Internet Security and other related articles http://www.mogendaviydtechgroup.com/firewallsmb.htm See a video where big time firewalls duke it out!

Startup Tips For Your First Home Based Business

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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It takes a lot of time to successfully market and promote a new business. Starting out a new business withrepparttar expectation of earning a full time income from a part time effort is not very realistic and is likely to lead to disappointment.

If you are planning on starting a home-based business withrepparttar 138133 intention of spending a great deal of time with young children or caring for a sick or elderly family member, a full-time home business (and income) may not be a realistic objective from a time availability standpoint. Try to reconcile your income expectations withrepparttar 138134 amount of time that you have available to devote to starting your home business.

You can expect to experience periods of doubt inrepparttar 138135 early stages of developing your business...did I pick a viable business opportunity?...am I doingrepparttar 138136 right things to develop my business?...when will I start making a profit?, and so on.

A person working at a home based business may also experience occasional periods of feeling isolated...a feeling which is probably brought on byrepparttar 138137 lack of interaction with a work force or office environment.

Whatever type of home based business that you choose to start, you can rest assured that there will be some bumps inrepparttar 138138 road leading to your success. You should expect to experiencerepparttar 138139 "two steps forward and one step backward" thing and try to avoid repparttar 138140 ever-looming temptation to become overly discouraged when you take one of those backward steps. It is very easy to lose sight ofrepparttar 138141 obvious fact that as long as you have more steps forward than backward you will eventually get ahead!

Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at Proven Work At Home Business

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