Where's The Map, I Think I'm Lost!!

Written by Jill Lambert

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3. IT should be SPECIFIC. Don't say, "I want to go to San Francisco." Say, "I'm going to San Francisco, andrepparttar first thing I need to do is get on I-40 and travel west."

4. It should be MEASURABLE. If it isn't measurable, how will you gauge your progress? Determine how far you'd like to "travel" each day. Set a specific goal for how many "miles" you'll cover.

5. It should be CHALLENGING. Pushing yourself and continuing to grow is a wonderful feeling. Do things you thought you'd never do before, you'll be amazed atrepparttar 124026 adrenaline rush you'll get!

6. It should be ACTION oriented. State all of your goals in an active sense. "I will do....."

7. Finally, it must be ATTAINABLE or REALISTIC. Do you have, or can you getrepparttar 124027 skills necessary to reachrepparttar 124028 goal?

We've coveredrepparttar 124029 characteristics of goals withrepparttar 124030 exception ofrepparttar 124031 most important part. You have to write them down. The difference between a goal and a dream is seeing it on paper.

You'll be amazed how clear things will be to you when you see them on paper. I'm not sure ofrepparttar 124032 science behindrepparttar 124033 difference of just thinking about something, and putting a pen to paper. They say it has something to do withrepparttar 124034 sub-conscious, but I know it works!

If you're really serious about establishing goals for yourself, check out this website: http://www.goalpro.com This is a really neat software that will help you establish your goals, and keep you on track.

As you go throughrepparttar 124035 next couple of days see if you can remember your "Resolutions" from last year. I'd make a pretty high wager you can't. Userepparttar 124036 information in this article, and next year you'll be sending me an e-mail telling me what wonderful things you've accomplished! Happy Goal Setting.

Jill Lambert is the publisher of Kidz Plan Newsletter, a bi-monthly publication aimed at helping people reach their financial goals. To subscribe to this inspirational newsletter, please visit: http://www.kidzplannews.org

Got Those Empty Nest Blues?

Written by Jeanine Herrin

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Of course there’s always some sort of sports activity you can take up. Like tennis? Golf? Bowling? Get some of your friends and join a league. If they don’t want to, then do it by yourself. There again, you always have room for new friends in your life! (Not to mention you can keep active and get exercise atrepparttar same time) Ok, now, for those of you who are married (or have a significant other), well, need I say more? Let’s get that romance back! Start taking some weekends together. Go out to dinner orrepparttar 124025 movies. Take a cruise! (They are really nice and can be very romantic) This time can be almost like getting to know each other all over again! Make it fun and interesting. You sometimes get so wrapped up inrepparttar 124026 kids life that you forget you have one of your own. Just use your imagination. Remember, you’re still young, enjoy life!

I know, some of you out there are saying, “But I’m single (or not) and have to work for a living!” Well, if you haven’t been real happy withrepparttar 124027 job you have now, maybe this is a good time to start looking for a new career? Maybe start your own business? If you are happy with your present job; are there some courses that you can take that might help to get a promotion or to just make things easier for you? You can still find some new things to do just for yourself, even if it’s just getting out more with your friends.

Remember,repparttar 124028 kids are through with school, all grown up and on their own. Time to start looking around and see just what you want to do with you life now. Single or married, there’s lots out there for you, just put your thinking cap on!

No sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because you’re feeling “deserted” or not “needed”. Well, it’s ok for a little while, but not for long! Once you get use to your new found independence, well, watch out!

Besides, they always know they can come visit any time they want. (and probably will quite often!)

Hope you enjoyed this little article and got something from it.

Jeanine Herrin http://www.emptynestmoms.com Stop by for a visit anytime! jeanine@emptynestmoms.com

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