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Written by Pat@Maxaid

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Result, they won't list it inrepparttar directories and also Banrepparttar 128394 main URL from any further searches.

Granted, not all traffic comes fromrepparttar 128395 search engines. Depending uponrepparttar 128396 particular search engine and how high your site is inrepparttar 128397 listings, you can get as much as 30 % or more of your traffic from search engines.

How can you overcome this deficit in search engine exposure ?

Even thoughrepparttar 128398 search engines are ignoring your replicated website, there is a way to get traffic from them.

The solution is to build a separate page on your domain or have someone build one for you on their domain. Your page title, description, and keywords can then be optimized and submitted torepparttar 128399 search engines.

The search engines will then consider your page as valid content and will list it in their directory. The connection here is thatrepparttar 128400 special page that you've built will have links directing visitors to your replicate site.

Wala ! You have visitors from Alta Vista, Lycos, Hot Bot, Google, and much too many more to name here.

Wishing Success torepparttar 128401 home based marketer

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Site Submission Services

Written by Richard Lowe

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So what do you do? I mean, a webmaster should really be spending most of his time designing and creating his web pages, shouldn't he? Well, actually, yes and no. Promotion is a major part of being a webmaster - a site must be seen in order to be successful (otherwise why bother at all). Thus a webmaster must promote his site, and he should be spending some time on this practice every single day.

Of course, it would be silly to hand-submit your site torepparttar thousands of search engines and hundreds of thousands of FFA (Free for All List) pages.

One course of action is to hand submit your site torepparttar 128393 major search engines, then use submission services to submit it torepparttar 128394 medium sized and smaller ones. Don't forget aboutrepparttar 128395 directories, especially Yahoo, Looksmart and DMOZ. These are very critical to getting traffic to your site.

There are many programs and services available to help you submit your site. Some of these are good, others are a complete waste of time and money.

Submit Wolf This is a program into which you enter your site name, URL and details. The program then can be used to perform automatic submissions to thousands of search engines and FFA lists.

WebPosition Gold Probablyrepparttar 128396 best way to get your site listed well inrepparttar 128397 major search engines. This product combines every tactic into one concise and easy-to-use package.

Jim's Tools This awesome site includes a full suite of tools to help you submit your site to search engines, FFA lists and directories. Highly recommended.

Everything which submits to FFA pages You will find hundreds (or even thousands) of services which claim to submit to thousands, tens of thousands or even more "search engines". Actually, what they are doing is submitting to FFA pages. FFA pages are completely worthless as a promotional technique, and thus all of these services are pure garbage. Don't even bother wasting a minute looking at them.

I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other site submission services available. I look at them all with caution, as most of them are highly overpriced and many use or promote unethical submission practices (search engine spamming).

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