Vice President?

Written by Ed Howes

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Today isrepparttar 26th of January, 2004. I have been listening to primary campaign coverage on National Public Radio, waiting to hear which candidate is going to make Vice President Cheney and Halliburton a campaign issue. Will allrepparttar 125975 candidates tiptoe aroundrepparttar 125976 issue till afterrepparttar 125977 February primaries? Is American corporations doing business in terrorist supporting states, a non issue? Is all America going to pretend there is no evil in high places? Ask me in another month.

A cold shiver runs down my spine as I consider there could be a Capitol wide cover- up taking place, in which Senators John Kerry, John Edwards and Joe Lieberman are taking part. If so, we can expect none of them to raiserepparttar 125978 Halliburton - Cheney scandal as a campaign issue.

What a coincidence Senator Kerry should also have a very good interview segment onrepparttar 125979 same 60 Minutes program! Is it possible no one on Kerry's staff connectedrepparttar 125980 Kerry interview withrepparttar 125981 story of terror profits? We will all soon know.

Maybe none ofrepparttar 125982 Democratic candidates care aboutrepparttar 125983 appearance of evil, either, and I am right about a Capitol wide conspiracy to hiderepparttar 125984 truth. The truth that seems so obvious to me; maybe evil only resigns underrepparttar 125985 threat of armed rebellion. (Which would be labeled domestic terror, of course?) Fat chance of that, huh?

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Democrats Can't Win

Written by Ed Howes

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Dennis knows that multi- lateral trade agreements have served corporate monopolies atrepparttar expense of international labor. There is probably already sufficient support in Congress to reverserepparttar 125974 multi- lateral trade policies but no presidential leadership inrepparttar 125975 next five years to promoterepparttar 125976 idea, save Dennis. Let's just see how much worse things can get for five years and then we will talk about it. Democrats, exceptingrepparttar 125977 likes of Dick Gephardt, couldn't care less and make no attempt to hiderepparttar 125978 fact. Democrats just want to know what lies Americans will buy this election. If we are fed up with deceit,repparttar 125979 Democrats only offer more ofrepparttar 125980 same.

I could quibble with Dennis' socialism as pertains to educating 3 year olds at public expense and universal government health care, but not much. Parenting skills have become a thing ofrepparttar 125981 past and economic need forces most adults intorepparttar 125982 work force, making hundreds of thousands of new latch key children, every year. Better they should be in government paid care than home alone.

Because American health care is a fraud, I don't care about making it universal. It would be nice to see some kind of check onrepparttar 125983 disease management profiteers inrepparttar 125984 insurance, drug, and medical supply and hospital industries. His single payer system could do all that if he could find sufficient Congressional support, which I doubt. I'd like to see him get a shot at it. He isrepparttar 125985 only Democratic candidate who shows great wisdom and that alone makes him an also ran inrepparttar 125986 Democratic mind. For sure, it makes him something other than a Democrat. Sincerepparttar 125987 Democrats have no respect for wisdom, why shouldrepparttar 125988 rest of America give them a say in anything? We all knowrepparttar 125989 answer. They are looking forrepparttar 125990 most convincing liar and he will berepparttar 125991 nominee for President, like Bill Clinton was. That is what they wish they had now, a winning liar.

Some candidates are saying they will support whichever one of them is chosen nominee. In other words, if it isn't me, any Democrat will do. The short sighted infection runs fromrepparttar 125992 bottom torepparttar 125993 top ofrepparttar 125994 party. Until that changes we will have one party government. Unless, of course, we have a serious movement in this country to let inrepparttar 125995 minor parties, by supportingrepparttar 125996 best candidates regardless of their perceived chances of winning.

It is way past time for Americans to vote their conscience and to stop trying to pick winners that want to keep us inrepparttar 125997 Twentieth Century. Actually, since all Democratic and Republican votes are wasted votes this year, now isrepparttar 125998 time to vote for third party candidates. That isrepparttar 125999 only way to make any votes count this year. Two party voters only elect losers, making losers of us all.

Freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers.

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