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Another test is called Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The SHGC measures a window's rate of heat penetration from outside. The lowerrepparttar number,repparttar 100038 better resistance there is to heat getting intorepparttar 100039 house from outside. There are also air and water infiltration tests. The air test actually tests how much air is able to pass throughrepparttar 100040 window from outside to inside. Therefore, you want a low number. Typically, a .30 isrepparttar 100041 maximum allowable rate of air infiltration. Water infiltration testsrepparttar 100042 amount of water and pressurerepparttar 100043 window is able to resist. Therefore,repparttar 100044 higher rating is better for this test. Frankly, i wish they would just rate all tests on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being best. Then, you wouldn't get confused trying to remember which tests should have high numbers and which ones should have low numbers. You can get more information on window testing by going torepparttar 100045 NFRC Website.

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“5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room

Written by Shannon Emmanuel

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3)Baskets You don’t have to be a country girl (or guy) to appreciaterepparttar cozy look of baskets. Evenrepparttar 100037 most modern room can benefit from a bit of wood or rattan. Butrepparttar 100038 main purpose here is to hide clutter. You’ll feel so refreshed if you add a few baskets to fill with magazines, toys or hobby material. It’srepparttar 100039 easiest way to containrepparttar 100040 everyday clutter that you can’t stow away. And clearing space is always a good look!

4)Throw Cushions I’d bet you could find two throw cushions for less than $50, so if you do, add a throw blanket as well. Cheap and shamefully easy, this isrepparttar 100041 way to go if you’re ready to make more of a statement. Great opportunity to bring some contrast into a dull room, consider light pillows for a dark room, dark pillows for a light one, and absolutely try adding a trendy color to a neutral room. And at this price, you can change it next season!

5)Paint Admittedly forrepparttar 100042 more ambitious, this is a fantastic way to create a stunning look in little time. However, this is an article on FAST ideas, so let’s not tacklerepparttar 100043 whole room right now. If company’s coming this weekend, try a new look by painting a feature wall a stunning but complementary color (ie:repparttar 100044 fireplace wall, that blank wall behindrepparttar 100045 couch…you getrepparttar 100046 idea.) Or even tape off a smaller section (this is called color blocking) to focus attention on a collection of pictures, or behind a mirror, or aroundrepparttar 100047 fireplace.

To all those withrepparttar 100048 decorating fever, I wish you speedy recovery and an enjoyable project!

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