Using Multiple Ebook Formats To Build Your Brand

Written by Monique Harris

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regular basis, they will typically visit your colleagues, competitors, or industry sites. Get your title featured in all potential sales venues - no matter what format repparttar ebook is sold in - and you'll reach them more frequently.

Cost to transform each book is minimal, because you only have to convert a title to a specific format one time. There are no physical distribution costs. And what you reap in overall exposure, as well as additional sales can be tremendous.

Monique Harris is the editor/publisher of "Digital Publishing & Promotion," a twice-weekly Webzine for authors, publishers and promoters who wish to sell more books - (print and electronic) - online. Visit her site at .

The Easiest, Money Making Business in the World!

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

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You give them lots and lots of information, but you don't give them everything. Instead you tell them about your e-book that tells it all! Then you explain how they can buy it right now, and be reading it in minutes.

Does this really work? You better believe it does!

How many different topics will this work for?


As an example we'll userepparttar keyword phrase "slot machines".

Every gambler, and there are tens of thousands of them, want to know how to beatrepparttar 108531 slot machines. If you read 10 books about winning atrepparttar 108532 slots, you would have enough knowledge to write a E-book of your own. Don't copy anybody else's work. Simply dorepparttar 108533 research, acquirerepparttar 108534 knowledge, and then write from what you have learned. If you copy word for word you are violatingrepparttar 108535 copyright laws, and you will have trouble. Onrepparttar 108536 other hand, if you thoroughly research a subject, and then write fromrepparttar 108537 knowledge that you have absorbed,repparttar 108538 information that you produce is original to you.

There are so many potential products that I could make this article 100,000 words long, but we don't haverepparttar 108539 room here. Anyway, you've gotrepparttar 108540 idea.

The secret to making this work is to find a topic that is very narrow. As our example we'll use trout fishing. Once you have written your booklet about trout fishing, you will then create a website about trout fishing. The website will have many references to trout fishing, and a lot of information onrepparttar 108541 subject, butrepparttar 108542 absolute best trout catching techniques will not be revealed. In essence,repparttar 108543 website will actually be a very well crafted, electronic sales letter.

You can createrepparttar 108544 website yourself, or you can hire an expert. Don't throw your money away. You can learn website design. I did, and I knew nothing about website design, and little about computers

Ifrepparttar 108545 topic you choose is narrow enough, and your booklet and web page are well done, you should attract a substantial number of visitors to your website, who are willing to buy your booklet. The secret is to have your page come up very nearrepparttar 108546 top ofrepparttar 108547 list when someone types "trout fishing" into a major search engine. There are no tricks you can use to do this, just creative thinking.

What most people don't realize isrepparttar 108548 number of times thatrepparttar 108549 most mundane words or phrases are searched on a daily basis. If fact,repparttar 108550 more mundane your key word,repparttar 108551 better your chances, because there is much less competition for these mundane key words or phrases. I'll show you how to find out how often your keyword is being searched.

Once you have your website up and running and your booklet is selling really well, then you can let others sell it for you through an affiliate program. This is whenrepparttar 108552 money really starts rolling in.

There are people onrepparttar 108553 net who are using this model to make a living on a full time basis. The topics that they have chosen to write about are certainly not earth shaking, and they would never sell in book stores. Yet onrepparttar 108554 internet, they do very well with them.

I myself sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of information products that are gardening related. I didn't really think my products would sell as well as they do, but I still took that calculated risk to at least testrepparttar 108555 water. You owe it to yourself to give it some serious thought. For years I sold a homemade booklet for $19.95, and it was only about 27 typed pages.

That booklet is now an E-book, and it is selling really for $39.99!

Here's something to think about. You only have to writerepparttar 108556 booklet once, yet you can sell it forever. People have been trout fishing sincerepparttar 108557 days ofrepparttar 108558 caveman, yet only a very tiny fraction ofrepparttar 108559 people onrepparttar 108560 planet actually know how. 99.9% ofrepparttar 108561 people that own fishing rods don't have any idea how to catch fish. I'm one of them, and I've been fishing for years. I just never catch much.

Find a topic that people have a sincere interest in, and you will have a winner. Stop byrepparttar 108562 message board at and join inrepparttar 108563 discussion. It's a great place to pick up new ideas and lots of inspiration.

There is a E-book inside of you. Set it free!

Michael J. McGroarty is the author of the Free Report Series "37 Secret Money Making Strategies". Stop by and sign up for the entire series. This is a Free offer.

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