The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Online Business: Planning

Written by Michael Tee

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3)Development This is where you will write down how you want your business to be inrepparttar future. Regardless of what stage you are at, you should include a vision of what you want your business to be. This could be done by setting up a series of goals which you intend to accomplish over time to achieve that vision.

4)Financials Your internet business would certainly incur expenses. Keeping and recording a set of accounts of your business is important as it tracks all your income and expenditures in detail. It can tell you if a certain marketing strategy is giving low returns or making high profits, helps you determine your monthly budget and net cash flows and also helps you decide if you should cut costs or to find a way to increase income. All these would go a long way in helping you manage your cash flows.

Once you have written down your business plan in detail, you will be amazed at how often you refer to it. It helps you stay focus on what you are doing as new business opportunities will always appear at your doorstep may tend to distract you. It helps you make best decisions when faced with problems or choosing where you should spend your money inrepparttar 140486 process of expanding your business.

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A Customer For Life

Written by Dan Brown

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A simple way to attract lifetime customers would be to give people a freebie. The freebie should be related torepparttar other products or services you sell. You may not be getting paid forrepparttar 140444 freebie, but you will get a lot more people using one of your products because it is free. If they are impressed by your free product there is a high chance they'll buy your other products inrepparttar 140445 future.

The last way is to sell your product atrepparttar 140446 price it costs you to produce or buy it. You will usually sell more products at a lower price than your competition which equals more potential lifetime customers. You will break even in cost but you'll make your profit fromrepparttar 140447 upsell and backend products your sell your lifetime customers.

Author Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine introducing their new affiliate program, which is due out July, 2005. Zabang

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