The Most Common Small Business Web Site Traffic Killers

Written by John Jantsch

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Cleverness – There are lots of little things that designers like to do because they can. The question is what’s it costing your site. One of my favorites is that date thing. You’ve likely been to a site that publishes today’s date. Perhaps there is a good reason for that but go on back to view source on one these pages and you will seerepparttar price of that little trick. This date trick adds 300-400 lines of JavaScript code atrepparttar 135877 beginning of your page. All of this makes it hard for those search engines to find your real content. Think long and hard about adding stuff that gets inrepparttar 135878 way.

No Anchor Text Hyperlinks – Web site designs like to make little buttons and badges for navigation links. Now, this can be okay but this is also a place where less is more. Text with a hyperlink is easily understood by search engines. Remember, they can’t see images. Help them understand what your page is all about. Even if you have images navigation, put text links atrepparttar 135879 bottom of your page with all of your navigation.

Referral Marketing - This is a text link

Contact info hidden – There are some web site owners out there that don’t want to be easy to contact but I’m guessing that’s not you. Put your address and contact information on every page and make them text. More and more people are turning to their web browser like a phone book. Lots of local address and content links can make it easier to find you in your own town.

Most important content out of order – Search engines read your source code inrepparttar 135880 order they come on it. Some engines only read a small portion so you should make sure that your most important content is early on your page. Left side navigation columns, commonly found on web sites, appear atrepparttar 135881 top ofrepparttar 135882 source code and could be hindering your site from receiving proper credit forrepparttar 135883 content it contains.

No use of Heading tags – HTML uses a series of H or heading tags to help structure a page like an outline. H1 forrepparttar 135884 most important headings h2 for subheads and so on. Each of your pages will do well to contain a keyword rich headline, much like an ad forrepparttar 135885 page, and h1,/h1 mark-up inrepparttar 135886 code to letrepparttar 135887 search engines know that this is a really important part ofrepparttar 135888 page. Then, dorepparttar 135889 same with sub sections with h2,/h2 tags. I know that most designers understand these tags when it comes to styling a page but few getrepparttar 135890 important role they play inrepparttar 135891 search engine game.

Look, there is plenty more to learn about this subject and certain aspects will change from week to week but now that you have a better understanding of how search engines view your site you can go out there and make pages that get found.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in Kansas City, Mo. He writes frequently on real world small business marketing tactics and is the creator of “Duct Tape Marketing” a turn-key small business marketing system. Check out his blog at

What is RSS - For Marketers

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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The point of RSS feeds is to get people to subscribe to them, so that they can constantly receive fresh information from you.

It’s just like subscribing to e-mail newsletters, only that there’s no e-mail involved … and consequently no spam or spam filters.

But to subscribe to your RSS feeds, your visitors need a special tool, called an RSS aggregator.

RSS aggregators are special tools that can take an RSS feed and display it torepparttar end-user. They come in many different forms and flavors, butrepparttar 135876 most popular are desktop applications and web readers.

Inrepparttar 135877 case of desktop RSS aggregators (example:, end-users need to download them to their computers and install them there. Web-based RSS aggregators (example: onrepparttar 135878 other hand are websites where users can create their own accounts and then use those websites to view RSS content directly from their Web browsers.

After installing an RSS aggregator or registering at a web-based RSS aggregator web service,repparttar 135879 user needs to proactively addrepparttar 135880 link to your RSS feed in torepparttar 135881 aggregator to view your content.

Every time you update your RSS feed by adding new content items torepparttar 135882 RSS file,repparttar 135883 user is notified of that through his RSS aggregator, makingrepparttar 135884 content immediately available to him, without it having to face any SPAM filters and other barricades onrepparttar 135885 way.

And, forrepparttar 135886 best part, most RSS aggregators are free to use, so there’s really no excuse to not get started today. And byrepparttar 135887 way – so are quite a few RSS publishing solutions!

Yes, RSS isrepparttar 135888 free way of getting your content delivered every time.

Rok Hrastnik is the author of »Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS«, acclaimed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts. Discover the true marketing power of RSS:

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