Single pane glass repair in an aluminum frame,part 2

Written by John Rocco

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Now run a bead of silicone about 3/16" thick aroundrepparttar perimeter ofrepparttar 100055 opening. Grab your new glass onrepparttar 100056 sides, anglerepparttar 100057 bottom in andrepparttar 100058 top out, setrepparttar 100059 glass onrepparttar 100060 setting blocks, then slowly raiserepparttar 100061 glass up into place. Push just hard enough that all four edges ofrepparttar 100062 glass contactrepparttar 100063 silicone, but not so hard thatrepparttar 100064 glass makes contact withrepparttar 100065 metal frame. Install your outside stops. Don't cleanrepparttar 100066 glass for 24 hours sorepparttar 100067 silicone can set up.

Next week i will continue this series on window glass repair. You know, i knewrepparttar 100068 Trojans were going to winrepparttar 100069 National Championship, but i had no idea they would do it so convincingly. Last year all USC fans were saying how great it would be to see one final game between LSU and USC. This year, it'srepparttar 100070 Auburn fans wishing for one last game. When do you supposerepparttar 100071 morons in charge of College football will figure out what we already know

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

Hidden Causes of Water Damage in the Home

Written by Ed Bishop

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For those who live in warmer climates, water damage can occur within your walls because of poorly designed air conditioning systems.

Systems that are oversized (a larger capacity than necessary)will not remove enough humidity which leads to high moisture levels that condense on cooler surfaces.

Duct systems that are imbalanced can draw outside humidity through walls that can produce water inrepparttar walls.

Mitigating these problems requires a professional.

Repairingrepparttar 100054 attic problems listed above may seem simple enough, but trying to do it yourself doesn’t guarantee you really fixedrepparttar 100055 problem and can sometimes lead to other problems.

Hiring an insulation expert who specializes in building science (also known as a building performance specialist) will ensurerepparttar 100056 job is done properly and safely.

These specilaists come equipped with tools such as blower doors, pressure guages, etc. to quantifyrepparttar 100057 measures taken forrepparttar 100058 repairs.

The same goes forrepparttar 100059 air conditioning specialist, he should have duct diagnostic tools to test your ductwork to be sure it is properly designed and performing efficiently.

If you are unable to find someone in your area, go to

They are manufacturers ofrepparttar 100060 required testing instruments and they will have contractors in their database they can recommend.

In addition to taking care ofrepparttar 100061 water damage, your home will be more comfortable, you’ll save money on your energy bills and improve your indoor air quality.

Ed Bishop is founder and president of Enhanced Living Inc., a Troy, NY-based design-consulting and contracting company. contracting. Trained in the “House Is A System” approach to HVAC design. He was formerly a building analyst instructor, providing certification training for New York's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program

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