Russia and Her Allies Will Attack Israel

Written by Michael Bradley

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Inrepparttar LATTER YEARS you will come back intorepparttar 140801 land of those brought back from sword and gathered from many people onrepparttar 140802 mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate; they were brought out ofrepparttar 140803 nations, and now all of them dwell safely. You will ascend, coming like a storm, coveringrepparttar 140804 land like a cloud, you and all your troops and many peoples with you."

Thus saysrepparttar 140805 Lord God: "On that day it shall come to pass that thoughts will arise in your mind, and you will make an evil plan: you will say, ‘I will go against a land of unwalled villages; I will go to a peaceful people, who dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, to take plunder and to take booty, to stretch out your hand againstrepparttar 140806 waste places that are again inhabited, and against a people gathered fromrepparttar 140807 nations, who have acquired livestock and goods, who dwell inrepparttar 140808 midst ofrepparttar 140809 land ...’

Thus saysrepparttar 140810 Lord God: "On that day when My people Israel dwell safely, will you not know it? Then you will come from your place out ofrepparttar 140811 far north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great company and a mighty army. You will come against My people Israel like a cloud, to coverrepparttar 140812 land.

It will be inrepparttar 140813 latter days that I will bring you against My land, so thatrepparttar 140814 nations may know Me, when I am hallowed on you O Gog, before their eyes ..."

"And it will come to pass atrepparttar 140815 same time, when Gog comes againstrepparttar 140816 land of Israel," saysrepparttar 140817 Lord God, "That My fury will show in My face. For in My jealousy and inrepparttar 140818 fire of My wrath I have spoken: ‘Surely in that day there will be a great earthquake inrepparttar 140819 land of Israel, so thatrepparttar 140820 fish ofrepparttar 140821 sea,repparttar 140822 birds ofrepparttar 140823 heavens,repparttar 140824 beasts ofrepparttar 140825 field, all creeping things that creep onrepparttar 140826 earth, and all men who are onrepparttar 140827 face ofrepparttar 140828 earth shall shake at My presence.

The mountains shall be thrown down,repparttar 140829 steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall torepparttar 140830 ground.’

"I will call for a sword against Gog throughout all My mountain," saysrepparttar 140831 Lord God, "Every man's sword will be against his brother. And I will bring him to judgment with pestilence and bloodshed; I will rain down on him, on his troops, and onrepparttar 140832 many peoples who are with him, flooding rain, great hailstones, fire and brimstone.

Thus I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself, and I will be known inrepparttar 140833 eyes of many nations. Then they shall know that I amrepparttar 140834 Lord." (Ezekiel 38:1-23) 2. Now here isrepparttar 140835 verse that says that it will take 7 months to buryrepparttar 140836 dead after God personally destroys this invading army and 7 years to burn all of their weapons that are still left onrepparttar 140837 battlefield.

"Then those who dwell inrepparttar 140838 cities of Israel will go out and set on fire and burnrepparttar 140839 weapons, bothrepparttar 140840 shields and bucklers,repparttar 140841 bows and arrows,repparttar 140842 javelin and spears, and they will make fires with them for seven years ... It will come to pass in that day that I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel ... for seven monthsrepparttar 140843 house of Israel will be burying them, in order to cleanserepparttar 140844 land. Indeed allrepparttar 140845 people ofrepparttar 140846 land will be burying them, and they will gain renown for it onrepparttar 140847 day that I am glorified," saysrepparttar 140848 Lord God. (Ezekiel 39:9-13)


Just imagine all ofrepparttar 140849 above events captured on our TV sets. The whole world is going to seerepparttar 140850 aftermath of God’s wrath on this invading army. Ifrepparttar 140851 Church is not raptured before this incredible event occurs, a lot of people will be looking to Christians for some ofrepparttar 140852 answers to this event. Byrepparttar 140853 time this event does occur, many Christians will have knowledge on all of these end time events. We will then be able to show others who are not saved how this entire event was already foretold to happen inrepparttar 140854 Old Testament.

This one event alone will help prove to othersrepparttar 140855 existence of our God, that He is real and thatrepparttar 140856 Bible isrepparttar 140857 one and only true Word of God. God will be making a very powerful statement torepparttar 140858 rest ofrepparttar 140859 world through this one main event in an effort to try and get as many people saved as He possibly can before things really start to heat up with all ofrepparttar 140860 events that will be occurring inrepparttar 140861 Great Tribulation.
Russia and allrepparttar 140862 Arab nations surrounding Israel need to be watched very closely inrepparttar 140863 coming years. Do you even wonder why so much time and attention is being focused on Israel and all of their "battles" with their Arab neighbors? That is because God is purposely focusingrepparttar 140864 world’s attention on Israel due torepparttar 140865 prominent position she will be playing in all of these end time events.

We have a lot to look forward to inrepparttar 140866 coming years as world events slowly start to takerepparttar 140867 shape and form as prophesied out ofrepparttar 140868 Bible.

Article written by Michael Bradley of Bible Knowledge Ministries. Their website is a resource of Bible commentary and teaching. If you do not want to wait for the next article, you can go to our end times section. Copyright © 2005 by Michael Bradley. All Rights Reserved.

A War in Heaven

Written by Michael Bradley

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Satan will obviously know this when he is cast down ontorepparttar earth, andrepparttar 140800 Bible even says from this point on, he knows his time is short and that is why he becomes so furious. Satan will thus haverepparttar 140801 last three and half years to wreak as much havoc as he can throughrepparttar 140802 Antichrist and False Prophet before Jesus comes back and finally puts an end to his reign of terror.

I really feel that God is going to give all of us an incredible history lesson when we see what happens when Satan "merges" withrepparttar 140803 Antichrist and False Prophet to cause as much destruction as they possibly can forrepparttar 140804 last three and half years - especially ifrepparttar 140805 Church has already been raptured out before all of this begins to take place.

Without God and His Church inrepparttar 140806 "big picture," - man, in union with Satan and his fallen angels, will wreak nothing but pure havoc and destruction on a mass scale to a degree that no man would have ever thought was possible.

For all those who think that man is basically "good," and that we don’t need God in our lives, and that we are all capable of creating paradise on our earth through our own efforts - these people will be shown first hand what will happen whenrepparttar 140807 earth is left inrepparttar 140808 hands of humans underrepparttar 140809 influence of Satan and all of his demons. The result will end up being mass chaos and total destruction to a degree thatrepparttar 140810 world has never seen before and will never see again! Jesus Himself said that had these days not been shortened by Godrepparttar 140811 Father Himself, that no flesh would survive this horrible time of trouble.

The Scripture Verse

Here isrepparttar 140812 verse from Scripture that tells us exactly what will happen with this event.

"And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought againstrepparttar 140813 dragon; andrepparttar 140814 dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. Sorepparttar 140815 great dragon who was cast out, that serpent of old, calledrepparttar 140816 Devil and Satan, who deceivesrepparttar 140817 whole world; he was cast torepparttar 140818 earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, "Now salvation, and strength, andrepparttar 140819 kingdom of God, andrepparttar 140820 power of His Christ have come, forrepparttar 140821 accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down ... Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!Woe torepparttar 140822 inhabitants ofrepparttar 140823 earth andrepparttar 140824 sea! Forrepparttar 140825 Devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.

Now whenrepparttar 140826 dragon saw that he had been cast torepparttar 140827 earth, he persecutedrepparttar 140828 woman who gave birth torepparttar 140829 male child. Butrepparttar 140830 woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly intorepparttar 140831 wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, fromrepparttar 140832 presence ofrepparttar 140833 serpent. Sorepparttar 140834 serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood afterrepparttar 140835 woman, that he might cause her to be carried away byrepparttar 140836 flood. Butrepparttar 140837 earth helpedrepparttar 140838 woman, andrepparttar 140839 earth opened its mouth and swallowed uprepparttar 140840 flood whichrepparttar 140841 dragon had spewed out of his mouth.

Andrepparttar 140842 dragon was enraged withrepparttar 140843 woman, and he went to make war withrepparttar 140844 rest of her offspring, who keeprepparttar 140845 commandments of God and haverepparttar 140846 testimony of Jesus Christ." (Revelations 12: 7-17)

The "woman" mentioned inrepparttar 140847 above verse is Israel. The "male child" thatrepparttar 140848 woman had given birth to is Jesus. Notice thatrepparttar 140849 "woman" Israel is given underrepparttar 140850 protection of a "great eagle" after Satan is cast down uponrepparttar 140851 earth. This protection is for a time and times and half of a time. We already know that this stands for three and half years fromrepparttar 140852 prophecy of Daniel already talked about in one of my earlier end time articles.

So we know that this is referring torepparttar 140853 last three and half years ofrepparttar 140854 Tribulation. As I stated in my article titled, "Basic Overview of Main End Time Event", some people think that this "great eagle" may berepparttar 140855 United States since we haverepparttar 140856 national symbol of an eagle. Our country is already on good terms with Israel and we obviously would berepparttar 140857 most natural choice to protect Israel if we are still considered a super power and not underrepparttar 140858 control ofrepparttar 140859 Antichrist at this time.

Now that Satan,repparttar 140860 Antichrist and False Prophet are given incredible authority and power to carry out this unholy reign of terror for three and half years, how does God go about getting anyone saved during these last days ifrepparttar 140861 Church and His main body of believers have already been raptured out?

For this answer, go torepparttar 140862 next article titled "God's 4 Avenues to Reachrepparttar 140863 Lost Duringrepparttar 140864 Tribulation. God will arrange for an incredible counterbalance to take place during this time of trouble in an effort to get as many people saved as He possibly can.

Article written by Michael Bradley of Bible Knowledge Ministries. Their website is a resource of Bible knowledge and teaching. If you do not want to wait for the next article, you can go to our end times section. Copyright © 2005 by Michael Bradley. All Rights Reserved.

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