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Written by Michael Lemm

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Second,repparttar contest/raffle creates a list of potential contacts for follow-up viarepparttar 122452 entry forms (name, address, phone number, email).

Note: for this to be successful you'd need to have a dedicated team of local distributors willing to manrepparttar 122453 booth and talk with folks duringrepparttar 122454 events open hours. Also they should have a clear plan for following up with any contacts made.

2. Some folks have even been able to have their products displayed inrepparttar 122455 homes themselves. For example how about Mia Bella candles attractively shown inrepparttar 122456 Master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or formal dining room? How about Noni onrepparttar 122457 kitchen counter.... or Annasa onrepparttar 122458 bathroom vanity....or WorldVerge onrepparttar 122459 computer screen....or, well you getrepparttar 122460 idea.

Also, not justrepparttar 122461 products/services are shown. You also display a business card rack so interested vistors can "find out more".

3. Here's one that's not so obvious....relationshipping with other vendors, real estate agents, concessionaires, and builders who participate inrepparttar 122462 event. Your potential contacts aren't limited just torepparttar 122463 "visiting" public. Network withrepparttar 122464 event organizers & participants too.

There's a lot of possibilities with an event like this. In my area it's called Homearama. In other areas it's Showcase of Homes or something similar.

I suggest you look into it and see if you can take advantage ofrepparttar 122465 possibilities yourself.

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Written by Andrew Hayes

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