Protecting Your Online Store from the Internet Burglars, Part 3

Written by Lynne Schlumpf

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This does not ensure thatrepparttar person you are speaking to onrepparttar 109060 phone did not liftrepparttar 109061 card from someone in a store or onrepparttar 109062 street. You MUST do step #3 to ensure your safety.

5. Callrepparttar 109063 toll free number they gave you overrepparttar 109064 phone. Explain torepparttar 109065 bank that you are a merchant with an Internet store, and you need to verify thatrepparttar 109066 order you received was a valid one. You can giverepparttar 109067 address thatrepparttar 109068 customer gave you as a billing address to allowrepparttar 109069 bank to verify that this isrepparttar 109070 correct address.


6. Make a copy ofrepparttar 109071 order from your online store. Make a copy ofrepparttar 109072 verification printout that you get or write downrepparttar 109073 authorization number received when you verified thatrepparttar 109074 credit card had enough on it to makerepparttar 109075 sale. Make a copy ofrepparttar 109076 invoice. File these away in a safe place. You would not believe how many times we've received letters from our merchant account provider that ask us for these things becauserepparttar 109077 customer is trying to do a chargeback against us, claiming they never maderepparttar 109078 transaction inrepparttar 109079 first place. YOU EAT THESE and sometimes lose your merchant account if there are too many of them. And there are more than make me comfortable! If you don't save copies of this documentation, you lose!

7. Another method of verification that will protect you: For orders over a certain dollar amount (the amount is wherever your level of UNcomfort is), we fax our customers a copy ofrepparttar 109080 credit card slip and have them sign it, then fax it back. We sometimes also have them put their card under a blank piece of paper, scratch over it with a pencil so that an impression ofrepparttar 109081 card number, expiration, and name onrepparttar 109082 card show up, then have them sign this piece of paper and fax it to us.

Another note:

Ifrepparttar 109083 customer has sent you a check, MAKE A COPY OF THE CHECK. Attach this torepparttar 109084 invoice and file in a safe place.

Now, I know that Internet online stores seem to be an easy place to make a quick, lazy buck, but as you can see, not talking to who orders from you and not usingrepparttar 109085 services of Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express can hurt you.

When I return, Iíll provide you with some resources to protect your online store even further.

Lynne Schlumpf is the CEO of Route 66 Cyber Cafe, Inc.,, a Web hosting and design company specializing in promoting websites for new owners, building affordable e-commerce sites, and providing reliable web hosting solutions as an affiliate of Virtualis Incorporated.

How To Turn More Web Site Visitors Into Customers Who BUY

Written by Lisa Lake

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Set people at ease by putting your smiling photo on your site. Nancy has hers right next torepparttar pictures of chocolate and cash you can earn working with her. You can see that Nancy looks like a nice person you feel you've met somewhere before. That's not a bad impression to give customers.

4. Write some exciting, interesting, informative descriptions for your products and services. The more expensiverepparttar 109059 product,repparttar 109060 longer your description must be. Rather than just droning on downrepparttar 109061 page, make your longer text include deeper details. Customers love copy that tells them everything they need to know. AND gets them excited about buying.

5. Describerepparttar 109062 problems your product or service solves. Give real life examples that visitors can identify with. Show how your customers use what you sell. Then describe whatrepparttar 109063 visitor's life will be like after he buys from you and uses your product.

6. If you can, let people search through your products and services by subject and by price. Some people want to see allrepparttar 109064 Compaq computers you sell. Others just want to know what you have inrepparttar 109065 under-$1000 range. Let people shop both ways.

7. Make it EASY to order. On longer pages of copy, put a BIG order link nearrepparttar 109066 top, inrepparttar 109067 middle, and towardrepparttar 109068 end ofrepparttar 109069 page.

Give people a button they can click and haverepparttar 109070 item put directly into their shopping cart. Tell customers how long it will take to receiverepparttar 109071 product or service they are about to order.

These simple 7 suggestions can quickly turn your site into a money-maker. More visitors will discover reasons to come back to stay on your site longer, come back again and again, and to buy.

Lisa Lake has created a list of top ways to promote your business or career. See her Lisa also writes ad copy that sells for DrNunley's Reach her at or 801-328-9006.

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