Portrait of a Barista

Written by Iulia Pascanu

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3. A skilled barista,repparttar one you would like to have prepare your cup, has several years of experience. 4. A good barista carries out to near-perfection four operations: dosing, tamping, pulling and steaming. 5. A good barista knows that no. 4 is not enough and sometimes helpless. For example, tamping depends onrepparttar 113197 finesse ofrepparttar 113198 grind. The finerrepparttar 113199 grind,repparttar 113200 less importantrepparttar 113201 tamping. 6. A really good barista pays atention both torepparttar 113202 quality ofrepparttar 113203 coffee andrepparttar 113204 presentation. 7. The skilled barista is capable of performing more operations atrepparttar 113205 same time. 8. The barista you like interacts with his or her customers. 9. A good barista can manage to make a pretty good cup with less sophisticated appliances. Meanless to say,repparttar 113206 opposite is not true. 10. A good barista can make a flourishing business out of your modest old cofee-shop. Again,repparttar 113207 opposite in not true.

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Food and feng shui

Written by Jakob Jelling

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You should also achieve a yin and yan balance in your food which is done throughrepparttar balance of flavors. A feng shui and yin yan harmonic dish would contain strong flavors as well as delicate ones balanced throughrepparttar 113196 use of different colors. There should not be one strong element predominating too much overrepparttar 113197 others. The food,repparttar 113198 colors andrepparttar 113199 smells should all be in balance.

It is also important to pay attention torepparttar 113200 food smells as well. You should likerepparttar 113201 smell of your food and it should be appealing to you. Every sense which is part ofrepparttar 113202 eating process should be paid attention to and in balance withrepparttar 113203 dish as a unity. Allrepparttar 113204 process, through which food goes, from where they are originated to when we eat it, is very important and should be followed carefully.

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