Managing Dickheads

Written by Arvind kumar

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Managing these high performers is an art, a test of your extremes. Butrepparttar outcome is many fold which makes it imperative to have these dickheads in your team as many as you can. They hate to loose. They want to win every day, every hour. They are high in energy, high in temper, high in ego. They are intolerable to mediocrity. For them anyone less than 100° is a sinner. They go to extreme to produce result and get angry torepparttar 151145 level of hell if someone does not get in done with their efficiency level. They may even break loose on you if you come in their way.

But those arerepparttar 151146 ingredient of a successful. Winning team. You need to give them space, be patience, sit and watch. Your task is to keep them not breaking others boundaries and something inrepparttar 151147 team’s benefit let them break it. It is a tight ship to manage but atrepparttar 151148 end ofrepparttar 151149 day, it is your capabilities to direct their high energies and enthusiasm to produce required business results.

Take my words, your only job here would to direct these dickheads in a particular direction and your company success is on autopilot.

So go and find at least one. Big Dickhead, you hate keep in your team.

This research work for this report is done by Mr. Arvind Kumar, founder, You may reach him at .

Arvind Kumar is an Electrical Engineer from a premier Institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. He has 3 years experince in marketing business consulting services and marketing services. He is founder and CEO of

How to manage your most valuable assets - people?

Written by Philip Lye

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Insurance – might have ‘an excess’ – MULTI-SKILL

Maintenance Show genuine interest, Develop Listening Skills

Regular Service Conduct regular performance management appraisals that are highly interactive and positive? Takerepparttar time or dorepparttar 151094 crime. Neglecting to performance manage you employees takesrepparttar 151095 agenda largely out of your hands and into theirs in times of strife.

Regular Inspection Being a peacemaker not a peacekeeper. A peacemaker makes peace! A peace keeper constantly keeps warring side apart - there is no peace justrepparttar 151096 appearance of peace.

Go for a Joy Ride Celebrate successes and Learn to have fun in your business.


(Phil’s law of unintended consequences) You don’t intend to fail; however,repparttar 151097 choices you make today will determine where you are placed tomorrow. Each choice builds on another and all of a sudden you have a foundation – good or bad – your decision my decision.

You cannot escape your responsibility to manage your people or they will manage your time and you.

People who feel and are genuinely valued are priceless and add great value to your business.

The ball is in your court!

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Philip Lye is Director of Biz Momentum. Philip has considerable international and cross cultural experience. He works with small to medium businesses to help them cut throughrepparttar 151098 maze of people matters. Clients get specific actionable strategies to protect their business interests. For more information on Philip, visit and subscribe to his free monthly newsletter.

Philip Lye is Director of Biz Momentum Pty Ltd and provides professional management services for -

•Strategic Human Resource Management •Employee Relations Advice •Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Strategies •Management Skills Training

Philip holds qualifications in Accounting, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and is a qualified accountant.

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