Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Snippet: Create It and Use It!

Written by kay

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Depending on what you prefer, ifrepparttar snippet is to wrap around text onrepparttar 135656 page, choose "Wrap selection" and if you want a single block, choose "Insert Block". Then, addrepparttar 135657 code forrepparttar 135658 snippet, if you did not have any code highlighted. Whether you prefer it, you could also choose how you wantrepparttar 135659 preview inrepparttar 135660 snippet pane to display – either as code or design. Lastly, click OK and you’re all done.

It would be very useful for you to check outrepparttar 135661 pre-installed snippets. There may be one or two there that can help you in managing your site!

Then, if you’re wondering how to use your newly created snippet, here’s a guide on how to use it: 1. Openrepparttar 135662 snippets tab throughrepparttar 135663 same procedure given above, then click inrepparttar 135664 page where you wantrepparttar 135665 snippet to be placed, in whatever view you prefer it: code or design; 2. Navigate torepparttar 135666 snippet you want inrepparttar 135667 folders and double-click onrepparttar 135668 snippet to add it to your page.

It’s as simple as you’ve read it…So start creating your snippets now, and put them to good use! -30- For comments and inquiries aboutrepparttar 135669 article visit

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How to save money on a website

Written by Talita Kindermann

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  • Take some pictures for your website

    Snapshots of staff, products, or your work environment improverepparttar visual appeal of your website and familiarize your customers and potential customers with your business. You can save a lot of money by providing your website designer with photos you have taken yourself, rather then having them source relevant stock photography online.

  • Find a competent web designer

    Make sure you choose carefully. Find a web design company that you feel comfortable and confident with in terms of credibility, portfolio, price and overall professionalism.

    Interested in obtaining another independent quote on your website project? Please contact our web design team with your requirements and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Our engagement model includes a comprehensive pre-project checklist & guide to help you further establish your website objectives.

    Talita operates a family web development firm based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise in web design, ecommerce, email marketing and search engine optimisation. Visit her business website, Kintek:

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