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Multi-level Marketing companies abound byrepparttar thousands. A great many well-known economists are predicting this form of selling to becomerepparttar 122516 prevailing method of selling byrepparttar 122517 turn ofrepparttar 122518 century. A lot of people have joined multi-level marketing programs and have made a fortune from their efforts. Anybody with just a smattering of ambition and energy can still join up and attain financial freedom.

Once you joinrepparttar 122519 program, you will startrepparttar 122520 online training. You will followrepparttar 122521 training steps, taught by marketing experts, that will teach you every step ofrepparttar 122522 way, how to run and promote your business online.

MLM requires time, will to learn and work but gives results to those who deserve it.

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What is Network Marketing?

Written by Kevin Quigley

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In any successful business it isrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 122515 product or service that is being offered that isrepparttar 122516 single most important aspect for its success.

The most lucrative compensation plan inrepparttar 122517 world will NOT provide you with an on-going residual income ifrepparttar 122518 product or service doesn't provide tangible value and benefits for yourself and your customers.

Provide a product or service that people need, want, coupled with a business opportunity they are willing to tell their friends about and you can build yourself a business empire in network marketing!


Tip# 1/ If you're already involved in a network marketing programe and you're being 'sold' primarily onrepparttar 122519 benefits ofrepparttar 122520 compensation plan withrepparttar 122521 product or service being offered as a secondary consideration, then readrepparttar 122522 above paragraph again and MOVE to a company whose products or services 'move'.

Tip# 2/ Ask yourself this important question: Isrepparttar 122523 network marketing programme I'm considering joining one that I'm willing to share with my friends and family? The comment "I don't want my friends and family to know what I'm doing, l want to become successful first - then I'll introduce them!!" is almost legendary in network marketing. (A comment oftimes made by failed networkers who had no real belief inrepparttar 122524 company orrepparttar 122525 products they were promoting inrepparttar 122526 first place!) If you immediately feel comfortable withrepparttar 122527 prospect of letting your neighbours, your friends and your family know aboutrepparttar 122528 network programme you're considering joining, have belief inrepparttar 122529 company and its products, have confidence in your introducing sponsor, then you have probably chosenrepparttar 122530 right company to work with.

Tip# 3/ Don't be impatient by expecting things to happen overnight! Building a moderately productive downline in any network marketing programme takes time - at least 6 months.

Tip# 4/ Read tip 3 again and avoid likerepparttar 122531 plague any company which suggests otherwise or does not require you to invest inrepparttar 122532 development of a customer base. If your prospective sponsor inrepparttar 122533 network marketing programme you're being invited to join doesn't stipulate that it takes TIME to build a significantly productive downline then it's not a business your being invited to join but a game - and one you're bound to lose!

Tip# 5/ If you want to dine withrepparttar 122534 classes - deal in products or services wanted byrepparttar 122535 masses!

If you have tried Network Marketing before and failed, you probably choserepparttar 122536 wrong company,repparttar 122537 wrong sponsor, orrepparttar 122538 wrong product.


A message fromrepparttar 122539 Prime Ministerrepparttar 122540 Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP torepparttar 122541 Direct Selling Association.

" I'm delighted to offer my support torepparttar 122542 Direct Selling Association and point out to you how big a part direct selling is of our domestic market inrepparttar 122543 sale of goods and services. We've got something like 13% ofrepparttar 122544 entire home shopping market done by direct selling, almost half a million people are involved in direct selling and 40,000 of those are doing it full time...It also shows how, in a changing economy and changing labour market, there are great new opportunities out there.

I want to say to you that this is a good thing to be involved in and that we, as a Government recogniserepparttar 122545 tremendous contribution that people who are taking up direct selling opportunities can make torepparttar 122546 overall prosperity of repparttar 122547 economy. So it is well worth doing, well worth being involved in and I wish those of you who are engaged in it,repparttar 122548 very best for repparttar 122549 future."

The above isrepparttar 122550 text of a video message given to members of repparttar 122551 Direct Selling Association onrepparttar 122552 occasion ofrepparttar 122553 DSA's Annual Conference held at Hinckley Leicestershire on 5-6 May 1999. (


Network marketing isn't for everybody. While some people swear by network marketing, others simply swear! (Read tip No. 3 again to find out why). To succeed in network marketing you will need determination, commitment, enthusiasm and most importantly - a burning desire for success. If you believe you have those qualities get back torepparttar 122554 person who provided you with this information TODAY.

Yours in success,

Kevin Quigley

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