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To redirect a visitor from an optimized "doorway" page you simply putrepparttar following script in your section.

and replace index.htm withrepparttar 134663 page you want to redirectrepparttar 134664 visitor to. (script from RB Associates)

The other aspect here is that for search engines which only index your home page, you would need to submit each of your site content pages separately. If one of these content pages is indexed and found in a search,repparttar 134665 visitor will only seerepparttar 134666 contents page and will not seerepparttar 134667 rest of your site, something you definitely don't want to happen ! This brings us torepparttar 134668 next and mayberepparttar 134669 most important disadvantage of using frames.

3)Frames can make it difficult for you to direct people to a particular page on your site. This is especially so if you want to use email to send a visitor to a particular page that has details of an affiliate program for example. If you don't send them to your index.htm page they will not be able to seerepparttar 134670 rest of your site, onlyrepparttar 134671 contents ofrepparttar 134672 page you have directed them to.

4)Frames within frames can be confusing, so you have to pay special attention to your hyperlinks when you are designing your pages. For example if one ofrepparttar 134673 links in your main or contents frame redirects a visitor back torepparttar 134674 index.htm page,repparttar 134675 result will be a mess unlessrepparttar 134676 hyperlink specifiesrepparttar 134677 target frame as "top" (eg: ) to preventrepparttar 134678 index page opening insiderepparttar 134679 contents page.

Learning how to use frames is easy once you have masteredrepparttar 134680 concept that a hyperlink can lead to a page in its own frame (TARGET="_self")repparttar 134681 default option, or in another frame inrepparttar 134682 frameset eg:(TARGET="main").

Other sources that discussrepparttar 134683 advantages and disadvantages of frames: RB Assocaites/Web Development

All in all, whether you use frames or not is a personal decision, but you need to aware ofrepparttar 134684 advantages and disadvantages before you design your site.

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Written by Ronni Rhodes

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The quality of your streaming presentation will only be as good asrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 134662 source material for which it was originally created. This is extremely important! (You can't expect a videotape with bad color and contrast to look better in a stream than it did when you played it on your home VHS machine.) The company that you select to dorepparttar 134663 encoding and compression of your media should be able to provide you with good guidelines for your original production. For example, we always tell our clients that too much movement on a videotape will cause blurring and "smeariness" whenrepparttar 134664 video is streamed. (As bandwidth continues to improve, many restrictions that exist today will disappear.) Your streaming vendor isrepparttar 134665 best source of information regarding tape formats andrepparttar 134666 equipment required to createrepparttar 134667 original production. Streaming media is already being used effectively by a number of industries and organizations that are striving to stand out inrepparttar 134668 crowded Internet business world. Streaming media still has its limitations especially inrepparttar 134669 area of delivering full- screen, full-quality video. But most ofrepparttar 134670 big players onrepparttar 134671 Internet, even those in head-to-head competition forrepparttar 134672 fast-growing streaming audience, know that as bandwidth continues to improve, streaming is inevitable.

Streaming media advertising substantially increases brand recall, brand awareness, and positive brand perception. This really gives yourepparttar 134673 opportunity to deliver a powerful message about your products or services. It is affordable, exciting, and inviting. It createsrepparttar 134674 "stickiness" that keeps your web visitors at your site and gives them that extra incentive to click onrepparttar 134675 "Order Now" icon.

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, a woman-owned Internet company that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a broadcast engineer, they work with companies to incorporate streaming as part of successful and meaningful sales and marketing programs. Please direct all questions and comments to: 520-742-5780

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