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Written by M.Bulot

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Data Storage Challenges

• The necessity to secure patient information to meet HIPPA compliance laws.

• Growing demands to protect confidential patient health file data against loss and corruption.

• Ensuring healthcare providers can retrieve consolidated medical information on patients from a safe, centralized source.

• Organizing stored medical files for easy, instant access.

Healthcare Industry Trends

By monitoring industry trends, OSP can anticipaterepparttar future data storage needs ofrepparttar 138533 healthcare industry. Currently,repparttar 138534 OSP team is reviewingrepparttar 138535 impact of these trends on data storage:

• Storing, long-term, medical history by symptom, gender, etc. to provide insights regarding collective health patterns.

• Meetingrepparttar 138536 demands of a highly mobile baby boomer population and their need for easily moving their medical history with them.

• Physicians needing to reducerepparttar 138537 time it takes to access stored data to free up more time for increasing patient care schedules.

• Obesity prevalence rates of 15% to 19% in more than 18 US states creating formidable increases in diabetes - causing medical researchers to seek access to data generated and stored by multiple healthcare providers whose collective information could identify common traits and in turn, a path to cures.

• Aggressive hacker infiltration, identify theft and viruses that continue to corrupt vital patient health data.

FocusStor recommends that all healthcare providers joinrepparttar 138538 thousands of healthcare businesses who have decided to safeguard their data using FocusStor’s backup solution.

CONTACT INFORMATION: FocusStor Online Data Backup & Recovery Toll Free: 800-285-3084 Website: Email:

BIO: FocusStor, Online Data Backup & Recovery is a subsidiary of Polyhec Group, the leading Canadian provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions for various industries and has been since 1985. Marc Bulot is the senior technician at Polyhec Group and has worked for the company for the past 20 years developing data management and data security tools for small to medium sized businesses.

Incentives for Proper Home Theater Lighting

Written by Jon Martin

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Dedicated Room or Living Room Now before you come up withrepparttar excuse that your living room is your home theater room and other things take place there besides watching movies, just stop. If your home theater room and living room are one andrepparttar 138326 same, there is even greater incentive for you to addressrepparttar 138327 room's lighting. Your living room is a multi-purpose room. When your friends come to visit, that is where you congregate. You read your books in your favorite chair, which is inrepparttar 138328 living room. Your family gets together to play board games or even just to talk inrepparttar 138329 living room. On top of these and anything else that goes on in your living room, you watch your movies there. How nice would it be if you could adjustrepparttar 138330 lights to createrepparttar 138331 perfect reading atmosphere around your favorite chair? Or how would you like to make a very inclusive and personal setting for spending time with loved ones? Even doing something as simple as creating a relaxing, cozy environment after coming home from work can be accomplished by changingrepparttar 138332 lighting conditions of a room. Proper lighting will provide you withrepparttar 138333 means to create all of this in your living room.

Convenience Home theater lighting can easily be tailored in order to takerepparttar 138334 work out of findingrepparttar 138335 perfect setting for each light inrepparttar 138336 room every time you want to watch a movie. A central lighting control allows you to changerepparttar 138337 intensity ofrepparttar 138338 all lights in a room from a single location. Some ofrepparttar 138339 more sophisticated learning remote controls can actually activate your favorite lighting conditions withrepparttar 138340 push of a button.

As you can see, lighting is vital torepparttar 138341 effectiveness of your home theater system. After being introduced torepparttar 138342 possibilities that proper home theater lighting and control provides, it will be hard for you to ignore it any longer. You've takenrepparttar 138343 time, effort, and expense of creating a home theater system for a reason. Finishrepparttar 138344 job with proper lighting and create a truly enjoyable viewing experience.

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