Fair Tax for Free People

Written by Ed Howes

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Whenrepparttar real people are forced to support corporate government, which returns only a percentage of this support in selected benefits to segments of society, it easily dividesrepparttar 113505 society to impotency and has done so. It puts real people at an economic disadvantage relative torepparttar 113506 artificial creation. It would matter not to me which corporations are lining up atrepparttar 113507 public feed trough for contracts, legislation and favors, if they were supplying allrepparttar 113508 feed. If it matters to you which corporations are feeding, write your representatives as you do now.

Corporate government has virtually unlimited credit with which to compete with free people; a tremendous economic advantage inrepparttar 113509 marketplace. But corporate government is fear driven. What ifrepparttar 113510 credit advantage is not enough to support monopoly and dominion? To further discourage meaningful competition from real people, they impoverishrepparttar 113511 people by taxing them and exporting their work. The taxpayer responds that no matter whatrepparttar 113512 odds, no matter howrepparttar 113513 deck is stacked, they want to playrepparttar 113514 game. Corporate government grows likerepparttar 113515 cancer it is. Cancers are never cured by ignoring them. They are cured or controlled by restricting or removing them fromrepparttar 113516 environments they require.

Frauds such as income taxes are not promoted because corporate government needsrepparttar 113517 money. Who needs money with unlimited credit? Corporate government wantsrepparttar 113518 informationrepparttar 113519 taxpayer supplies. The paperwork tells them more aboutrepparttar 113520 taxpayer and society in general, than torture and interrogation ever could. It certainly reveals far more than media polls.

The public servant is saying; "How can I possibly serve you except I knowrepparttar 113521 details of your life?" I say; you would serve me best if you would go home and watch TV. I don't want you to know as much about me as I know about you - which is very little. Fair is fair. If you are working for me as you claim to be, you show me your life details and mine are none of your business. Which of today's candidates for public service are publishing their income tax returns? How can I choose a servant if I don't knowrepparttar 113522 things many tax returns will tell me? Turn about is fair play. If citizens wanted fairness and honesty, they would insist upon it and accept no substitute. They don't and they don't. When they are truly struggling to live, as billions now do aroundrepparttar 113523 world, they might; but certainly not before then.

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Murder As Government Policy

Written by Ed Howes

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Prison life creates high levels of stress, both for staff and inmates. Stress is known to reduce immune function. Immune function is further reduced when disease takes hold. Immune systems are conversely strengthened by reduced stress and obtaining super nutrition.

Super nutrition is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, at least doublerepparttar protein needed to maintain health in ordinary circumstances, and dietary supplements. Some ofrepparttar 113504 required supplements are sold through prison commissaries. Prisoners usually need outside support to purchase them. Many more useful supplements are only available from outside suppliers and denied prisoners as a matter of security policy, regardless of how desperaterepparttar 113505 need for them.

For Jimmy and others, Corrections policies are a death sentence. Of course, every prisoner murdered as a matter of policy, opens up a space for someone else. At this point, policy itself is criminal, as isrepparttar 113506 State. I strongly suggest you comparerepparttar 113507 health statistics of prison staff and inmates to those of free society.

Imprisonment is a cruel but usual punishment. Because it is usual, it is lawful. Except in cases of murder and kidnapping, it is never ethical or moral. It fits only those two crimes. When people are caged like animals for any and every social transgression, they become animals, unfit to live with others in civil society. Yetrepparttar 113508 law forces their release and they will prey on society. Many state governments are coming torepparttar 113509 realization that one- punishment- fits- all crimes policies are not sustainable. Eventuallyrepparttar 113510 economic costs become overwhelming. Social costs are seldom considered at all. They should be.

I need your help in my effort to save Jimmy's life. He could receive a proper diet with little trouble. Give me permission and some way to get dietary supplements to Jimmy from legitimate suppliers. We would greatly appreciate your help and a timely response in this matter. We thank you for your attention and consideration. Let's save some lives and set examples.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Ed Howes

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Freelance writer published on websites and in newspapers. justanotherview.com edhowes@hotmail.com

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