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Written by Sally Summers

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And if dogs or cats aren't your preferred pets, you can always check out , Bird Talk, Reptiles Magazine and Ferrets!

Childhood is short. Makerepparttar most of it. No matter what your family enjoys, there are magazines out there to bring you closer together. Create memories today that will last a lifetime.

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Pet Healthcare

Written by Mark Woodcock

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Prevention of fleas is easier thanrepparttar removal of them. One ofrepparttar 140689 best defenses against chronic infestations is maintaining your pet's health.

As an added Flea Control protectant, try natural repellents instead of synthetic sprays or dips, which may contain harmful insecticides. Some chemicals in flea collars, dips and sprays can be very bad for our pets, Fleas can adapt to these types of Flea control treatments and mutate, therefore makingrepparttar 140690 Flea Control treatment inefficient.

Because fleas reproduce faster than bunny rabbits, removing them from your pet is only halfrepparttar 140691 battle, you need to get them from your home. Vacuum all surfaces where fleas (and their eggs) may hide, these include carpets, bare floors, chairs and beds. Put a flea collar inrepparttar 140692 vacuum bag to kill any fleas that may escape and reinfest your home. Dispose ofrepparttar 140693 bag immediately after vacuuming. Always be sure to wash blankets and sheets in hot water.

Fleas are resilient, but with a little vigilance and an effective Flea Control treatment, your pet and your home can become a zero flea zone.

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