Dog Training Basics

Written by Robert Kempe

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If you have a pup that will not heed torepparttar command “come,” do not chance them. This will only make your puppy runaway farther. Instead, when they look at you, call their name and immediately you run away from them. Soon they will be chasing you and will associaterepparttar 139435 command “come” as intended. They will come to you.

Remember this always, a puppy should only be scolded when they are caught inrepparttar 139436 act of doing something they should not be doing. Never scold a puppy when you have not caught them inrepparttar 139437 act. Userepparttar 139438 command “shame” when looking atrepparttar 139439 evidence but do not look atrepparttar 139440 dog when vocalizing this. Over time, they will associaterepparttar 139441 command “shame” with your disapproval mood. They may never associate it to their act unless you catch them in it. Leave it at that. No other scolding will help, in fact it will do justrepparttar 139442 opposite. It will makerepparttar 139443 puppy loose trust in you rather than want to correct their error because they do not associaterepparttar 139444 act with your mood and commands.

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"How to Keep Your Cat Free from Diseases with Your Quick Guide to Cat Grooming"

Written by NS Kennedy

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You can use a cotton ball slightly dampened with warm water to cleanrepparttar inside surface of your cat's ears. Never put a cotton ball or swab into her ear canal. If she reacts and jerks, you could injure her. Dark, coffee ground-like flecks inside her ears indicates possible ear mites. If you also notice her shaking her head or scratching at her ears a lot, or notice a strong odor in her ears, have your vet take a look.

A healthy cat's eyes are bright, clear and free of discharge.

Lift her upper lip to check her gums, which should be pink, and take a look at her teeth. If you choose to brush your cat's teeth, be sure to use toothpaste made for cats, as human-type toothpaste can be toxic to your pet. Pet supply stores carry a variety of cat toothpastes, as well as toothbrushes designed to be gentle and easy to use.

When you start to clean your cat's teeth don't even use a toothbrush. Strokerepparttar 139358 outside of her cheeks with your finger. When she becomes comfortable with that, add a little toothpaste to your finger and let her taste it. C.E.T. poultry flavored toothpaste can be used to start as cats likerepparttar 139359 taste. Whenrepparttar 139360 cat is comfortable you are ready to introducerepparttar 139361 toothbrush. With a small amount of toothpaste onrepparttar 139362 brush, brush two teeth andrepparttar 139363 adjoining gum line with a slow circular motion. This will get your cat accustomed torepparttar 139364 feel ofrepparttar 139365 brush. You will then be able to gradually increaserepparttar 139366 number of teeth brushed.

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