Distribute Your Self-Published Book Online (Part 2)

Written by Judy Cullins

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Atrepparttar bottom of each email is a signature file. It should have your name and title, your top benefit, a free offer, a link to where your book is sold, your email and Web address, and your local phone number. Everyone onrepparttar 129406 net accepts this subtle promotion form. If you do not include it, you are passing up an easy way to draw attention to your product.

5. Distribute through your own Web site.

Creating your Web site with marketing pizzazz. Don't just be creative and put up colorful graphic. Put up order pulling ad copy that convinces your visitor to buy. Create a sales letter that includes links torepparttar 129407 buying page where your customers can buy. Be sure your sales letter is long enough to include your customers' resistance, benefits and features of your book, and multiple testimonials. Ask a book or Web coach to guide you.

6. Distribute through someone else's Web site.

Other ePublishers want your books--both print and eBooks. Each wants you to write a 100 word or less blurb (including benefits and testimonials). They will sell, distribute, and keep track of your sales, sending you a check every few weeks or so. They take different commissions. Most give you royalties of 30-50% depending on whether it is a print or eBook. You may want to investigate www.bookcoaching.com.

7. Get an ISBN number.

When you put an ISBN number on your book, you are listed in "Books-in-Print." Libraries, bookstores and Amazon.com ISBN require it. Forrepparttar 129408 money and amount of work this is, you may do better than putting your energy into other Online venues. You pay $225 for 10 or $800 for 100 today.

8. Distribute through a sales letter straight from your email.

Every time I want to promote my teleclasses, I send a sales letter. The letter followsrepparttar 129409 free report I already sent a few weeks ahead torepparttar 129410 same egroup. You may already have your ezine subscribers in a list. Collect all kinds of lists of emails to include satisfied customers, teleclass participants, ePublishers, or fellow networkers.

Send sales letters that promote your books, your classes, or your service. Once, I learned this follow-up method of staying in touch with my target audience, sales rose from $75 a month to $3000 a month in about a year. Each month, count profits, not numbers of books sold! Internet authors get to keep allrepparttar 129411 money!

After several years of research and submitting to traditional publishing and distribution venues, I got discouraged and decided to become an author's advocate. I turned torepparttar 129412 Internet 2 years ago, and find that with a little delegation, a little study with a knowledgeable coach, a little attention, and a little money, my great-selling eBooks earn enough for me to make my living this kind, gentle, and easy way. I encourage you to try it!

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach Helps professionals manifest their book and web dreams eBook: _Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online_ www.bookcoaching.com/products.shtml Send an email to Subscribe@bookcoaching.com FREE The Book Coach Says... includes 2 free eReports Judy@bookcoaching.com Ph:619/466/0622

Get Clients to Choose You Again and Again

Written by Judy Cullins

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4. Model your Web pages After a Successful Coach's Pages.

For instance, her pages made 30Xrepparttar original sales in just seven months. Why? Because her headline with these results seduced her Web visitor to go torepparttar 129404 sales message aboutrepparttar 129405 eBook she was selling.

The original first month's profits--$75. Atrepparttar 129406 end of seven months, they added up to $2250. Amazing to some to grasp, but totally possible for others. And, those numbers kept climbingrepparttar 129407 next year to over $3000 a month. What did she do to get those results?

5. Visit other Web sites and observe.

Your site shouldn't just be a virtual brochure with your qualifications and offerings. Your home page should have only "Passion Headlines" that pull sales, one outstanding testimonial, and a few questions from your reader's point of view that leads them via a link to your service information and bio.

Put just a few words about you onrepparttar 129408 home page. People don't care about you; they want solutions for their challenges.

6. Realizerepparttar 129409 power ofrepparttar 129410 written word: 4 Writing Exercises

If your Web site has been up more than a few months, and you haven't gotten any business, consider reconstructing it so it pulls sales. Here are four writing exercises your must do before you hire anyone.

1. Know your specific audience, their needs and desires. This profile needs to include their problems, interests, values and how they like to receive a service.

2. Use a worksheet to preplan your Web site. You must include your purpose. Do you want to make money, gain credibility, share your unique message?

3. List at least 10 benefits your service provides. Discoverrepparttar 129411 five best benefits. Too many coaches and speakers don't know how to talk sales language for their services. They mistake features for benefits. Features don't sell, benefits do.

4. List 10 features too. These are features:

-you offer phone sessions forrepparttar 129412 convenience ofrepparttar 129413 client -you email back up support and information to help solve a particular problem - you take quick phone questions in between coaching sessions -you give a specific strategy session to accomplish a client's goal

5. Connect your five best benefits with your best features andrepparttar 129414 how you will accomplishrepparttar 129415 benefits. Includes: 5 Tips to, 7 Steps to, 9 Ways to.

Create a variety of headlines that have marketing pizzazz. They can be inrepparttar 129416 form of a question, a command, a shocking statement, but they are all full of specific benefits. "Quadruple your Online Income" is not enough. You must show how much time that takes.

Create a picture ofrepparttar 129417 outcomes your client will see, hear and feel. You must touch your potential client's soft spot--that nerve center that says Yes, I want that!

So, tap into your creative side, either with a friend, associate, or a coach who knows this uncharted territory--repparttar 129418 language of sales.

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach Helps professionals manifest their book and web dreams eBook: _Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online_ http://www.bookcoaching.com/products.shtml Send an email to mailto:Subscribe@bookcoaching.com The Book Coach Says... includes 2 free eReports mailto:Judy@bookcoaching.com Ph. 619/466/0622

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