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There are a couple of things that can go wrong. The first one is leaving marks onrepparttar inside portion ofrepparttar 100043 glass. Once you sealrepparttar 100044 glass, you cannot clean what's betweenrepparttar 100045 panes. The other thing involves condensation betweenrepparttar 100046 panes. If you have evenrepparttar 100047 slightest break inrepparttar 100048 silicone seal aroundrepparttar 100049 glass, chances are you will begin to see moisture form as soon asrepparttar 100050 nights get cold andrepparttar 100051 days get warm. You are going to have to decide if you are confident enough in your ability to dorepparttar 100052 job right, or if it's better to payrepparttar 100053 extra money to have it done for you. Just because you pay someone to do it, doesn't mean you still won't encounterrepparttar 100054 same problems. The difference is, they have to guarantee their IGU for a minimum of 1 year. I have received many units overrepparttar 100055 years that had marks in betweenrepparttar 100056 glass. The beauty of it isrepparttar 100057 manufacturer can't dispute it, because there's no way anyone else could have done it except them.

OK, what ifrepparttar 100058 window frames are vinyl instead of aluminum? Well,repparttar 100059 main difference isrepparttar 100060 glass in a vinyl window no longer hasrepparttar 100061 rubber gasket aroundrepparttar 100062 edge. You don't removerepparttar 100063 opposite corner screws and separaterepparttar 100064 frame fromrepparttar 100065 glass. What they do is put either silicone or a two sided tape onrepparttar 100066 lip ofrepparttar 100067 frame whererepparttar 100068 glass rests. That's what holdsrepparttar 100069 glass inrepparttar 100070 frame, then they apply a snap in stop on all four sides ofrepparttar 100071 glass. So, you have to removerepparttar 100072 stops first, then turn overrepparttar 100073 panel and breakrepparttar 100074 seal holdingrepparttar 100075 glass torepparttar 100076 frame using a utility knife. Wear gloves during this procedure. If only one side ofrepparttar 100077 IGU is broken, don't even think about repairing justrepparttar 100078 one side. You will never get that IGU out ofrepparttar 100079 frame without breakingrepparttar 100080 other piece of glass inrepparttar 100081 process. But, onrepparttar 100082 positive side, you can removerepparttar 100083 stops without takingrepparttar 100084 panel out if it's a slider. You can then measurerepparttar 100085 dimensions ofrepparttar 100086 glass, and orderrepparttar 100087 new IGU. That way you eliminate any need to temporarily cover up your window. The same is true forrepparttar 100088 stationary portion of a slider, or a picture window. Before you installrepparttar 100089 new IGU, be sure and cleanrepparttar 100090 lip that hadrepparttar 100091 tape or silicone, and apply either silicone or tape. Either will work.

You will discover that replacing an IGU in an aluminum frame window is a whole lot easier than a vinyl window. But, in either case, you can do it yourself and save a few bucks.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

At Last - Barefoot Comfort All Year Long

Written by Faith Williams

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Speaking of cost, one ofrepparttar frequent questions is how much does it cost to runrepparttar 100042 electric radiant mats. The answer varies, depending onrepparttar 100043 length of time you have it on,repparttar 100044 size mats you have installed, andrepparttar 100045 cost of electricity in your area. For example: a 1’x 40’ mat (15 watts per square foot) is set to turn on from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and again from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.;repparttar 100046 usage rate fromrepparttar 100047 electric bill is 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. Multiplyrepparttar 100048 square foot ofrepparttar 100049 mat byrepparttar 100050 watts per square foot to figure total watts (40 x 15 = 600). Takerepparttar 100051 total watts and divide by 1000 to determine total kilowatts (600/1000 = .60). Multiplyrepparttar 100052 total kilowatts byrepparttar 100053 usage rate found onrepparttar 100054 electric bill to figure how many cents per kilowatt hours (.60 x .08 = $0.048 per hour). It is important to realize even though a system is set to be on for several hours, it is usually only utilizing power forrepparttar 100055 first hour or so in order to initially heat torepparttar 100056 set temperature. The thermostat will then be switching itself on and off from time to time for short intervals in order to keeprepparttar 100057 surface temperature consistent. Assuming it uses power for 2 hours during each time setting (1 hour for initial warm up and 1 hour of usage to keeprepparttar 100058 heat consistent), in our examplerepparttar 100059 power would be in use for 4 hours. Atrepparttar 100060 rate of $0.05 per hour, this adds only $0.20 daily to your electric bill. Electric radiant heat offers maintenance free comfort all year long, in any kind of climate. For further information, visit http://www.radiantfloorwarming.com or contact John O’Brien at Radiant Floor Warming, 888-FLR-WARM (357-9276).

Faith Williams is Customer Service Department Manager for Radiant Floor Warming. Radiant Floor Warming offers safe, efficient electric radiant floor warming materials for tile, stone, carpet and laminate. Visit the website at http://www.radiantfloorwarming.com or call toll free 888-FLR-WARM (357-9276).

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