Calling All Singles - Cooking for Busy Lives

Written by Marybeth Gregg

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Invite guests when making a large meal – they can help you cook and then you can divide leftovers into smaller portions, enough for one meal and have 3-4 meals ready. Make it into a mini-party. Save leftovers and create new meals by adding rice, pasta, vegetables, or a different kind of cheese.

4.Your well-stocked pantry – this is key to cooking with ease. Use some wonderful ingredients in your cabinets so that you can come home and just throw them together. Roasted peppers, tapenade, fig balsamic vinegar, capers, a great extra-virgin olive oil, a variety of spices, walnuts, almonds or pecans, all ingredients that can help you make a piece of plain chicken or fish into a delicious and fast meal and in barely more time than making a sandwich, or waiting in line for take-out.

5.The Niceties of Life - To make your meal more of a treat, rather than a chore, rememberrepparttar table. The ambiance often makerepparttar 113122 meal, even when eating alone. Varyrepparttar 113123 color of your foods – a meal of foods that are allrepparttar 113124 same color is dull. Choose multi-colored foods and use your nicest plates and place mats. Maybe even place some flowers onrepparttar 113125 table. Make it fun to cook and eat for one. Make a recipe you’ve been wanting to try so that you can use it for entertaining. Why not?

And you know you can always invite a friend to dinner. No matter what your age, company is really important to making us feel good. Sometimesrepparttar 113126 only socialization people get is at work or with family. Company during meal times can make a difference in what and how you feel about eating. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal. A simple menu, using onlyrepparttar 113127 fresh ingredients, will go a long way. So do something different and just enjoy a home-cooked meal for a change. You surely don’t need to cook every night, but when you do, you will get great satisfaction, and your body will love you for it! Have fun inrepparttar 113128 kitchen- it can be done.

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Marybeth Gregg has been cooking, entertaining and giving cooking advice for almost 20 years, is well-known for her wonderful cuisine, great parties and started her successful cooking school several years ago. She has been featured in several newspapers, is currently working on cookbook, a dvd'series of cooking lessons.

Thought You Couldn't Drink Coffee Anymore?

Written by Tonya Sage

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With one out of five coffee drinkers inrepparttar US suffering from stomach upset, another alternative has finally become available. A patented, all natural, chemical free, high-pressure steaming process removes over 75% ofrepparttar 113121 acidity and irritants but leavesrepparttar 113122 coffee’s aroma, flavor and caffeine intact. Made from supreme quality, organically grown Arabica coffee beans, low acid coffee can now be tolerated byrepparttar 113123 most sensitive stomachs. Developed in Europe, this process greatly reducesrepparttar 113124 acidic chlorogenic substances prior torepparttar 113125 roasting process so there’s few irritants produced during roasting, resulting in rich flavored, low acid coffee.

Drinking low acid coffee solves two major problems for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. How to enjoy their coffee everyday while preventingrepparttar 113126 inevitable stomach upset and avoiding acid reducing drugs? It’s now possible to enjoy coffee throughoutrepparttar 113127 day, pain free, and disruptingrepparttar 113128 digestion process. Deprived coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs can enjoy coffee again with high quality, low acid coffee.

Tonya Sage owns , an authorized distributor of Hevla low acid coffee. also educates their visitors and customers on various heartburn related diseases and heartburn prevention.

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