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China's economy is growing very quickly. The amount of internet users in China is increasing by leaps and bounds. China is quickly becoming a major economic powerhouse. If you have a business that would like to reach this extremely huge and rapidly developing market, a .CN domain name for your website may be a very good way to do just that.

Please visit Websites.cn for more general information about .CN Domains

Which domain name should I register?

Written by Tom

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.Biz was created withrepparttar goal of having an extension explicitly for business. It hasrepparttar 105205 restriction that it only be used for bona fide business purposes. Some people are less enthusiastic about .biz, feeling it is slangy, while others feel it will do well in time because of its specific desigation asrepparttar 105206 business tld. It is seeing growing use and even some good resales.

CCTLDS were recently made available atrepparttar 105207 second level with three major countries -repparttar 105208 USA, China and India (.us, .cn and .in). These were all previously heavily restricted or only available atrepparttar 105209 third level. Of these, .US does require us citizenship or a presence inrepparttar 105210 us for registrants. Many feel these extensions will do very well in time because of their indentification withrepparttar 105211 country they represent. One cctld, .de, has been extremely successful, with registrations rivaling .com and seeing some very high priced resales. Some feel these other cctlds could also do well in time.

Which domain extension should you choose and register? Most would recommend .com, and if it is avaliable inrepparttar 105212 name you want, .com should berepparttar 105213 tld you get. Ifrepparttar 105214 name that you want is not available in .com, then you may want to considerrepparttar 105215 other extensions such as .info, .biz or one ofrepparttar 105216 cctlds. Some feel that other extensions in time will develop .com-like recognition and be typed-in and be well known as they are advertised by businesses that start to use them. Others feel that this is unlikely to happen to any great extent due torepparttar 105217 strength ofrepparttar 105218 .com brand. In any event, it is a good idea to registerrepparttar 105219 .com (if available) even if you wantrepparttar 105220 new tld name (and it is available) because some people may make a mistake and go torepparttar 105221 .com (as previously discussed). If you registerrepparttar 105222 .com, you prevent someone from registering it and profiting from this traffic.

As far asrepparttar 105223 actual name goes, it may be good idea to get a name that describes your business inrepparttar 105224 shortest way. It ideally should contain a keyword related to your business. This way it may be easier for people to remember your site.

In addition to registering new domain names, you can also register expired domains using a domain drop catching service or you may be able to buy a domain name from a registrant through a domain name broker service, if not directly.

Tom is a webmaster. Visit the expired domains guide for more information about domains and expired domains.

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